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    First Attempt at an IG list

    Hey guys.

    So I bought some guardsmen and a codex; its begun...

    Army concept is to have a static armor firebase, a large slow main force taking the center and guerilla sentinels harassing the backfield.

    Here's an inexperienced noob's first attempt at a 1500 pt list:
    Note: Heavily edited after realizing the army was illegal.


    CCS w/ 2 plasma, missile launcher (95 points)
    Use: Orders, infantry support

    Platoon 1 (325 pts)
    PCS vanilla
    1x Infantry Squads w/ Commisar, 2x power weapons
    3x Infantry Squad w/ power weapon
    Use: March up the center, take all comers, orders for flexible effectiveness

    Platoon 2(540 pts)
    PCS vanilla
    1x Infantry Squads w/ Commisar, 2x power weapons
    3x Infantry Squad w/ power weapon
    3x HWT w/ Autocannons
    Use: March up the center, take all comers, orders for flexible effectiveness, HWT's Bubblewrap tanks and hold "home" objective

    Fast Attack:
    Sentinel Squad (90 pts)
    2 sentinels w/ Multilasers, HK missiles
    Use: Outflank, shoot missles at valuable targets, tarpit/harass on the backfield

    Heavy Support:
    Hydra Battery (150 pts)
    2 Hydras
    Use: Blast Infantry

    LRBT (150 pts)
    Use: Hang back and blast stuff, hold down "home" objectives

    LRBT (150 pts)
    Use: Hang back and blast stuff, hold down "home" objectives

    Total: 1490

    So is this a useful army? What should I swap out to make it more effective? How could I scale this down to 500 pts? 1000 pts? (it will take a long time to get all that stuff together).


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    780 (x8)

    Not bad! My main comment is that the middle of the table is not a valuable location for us Guardsmen. We typically prefer that spot for a killing field and there's nothing to be gained from closing with the enemy too quickly. If there's a midfield objective then our Run! order in the mid- to late-game is usually enough.

    A HWSs cannot bubble-wrap a Russ but those infantry blobs certainly can. Try running two 20-man blobs with HWs instead of the current Platoon 2. That'll provide enough protection to squadron the Russes, which can magnify their firepower and free up a slot.

    Consider removing an infantry squad from Platoon 1 and issuing Chimeras to both PCS. The idea here is that the assault blob can then follow the Chimeras. This guarantees them cover saves and lets them support the armor instead of going it alone.

    It's a terrible waste to run a PCS with nothing. Find the points for grenade launchers or a missile launcher, at a minimum. Hull lascannons for the Russes would give better results than HK missiles. One of the Hydras can leave to make up the points.

    Slimming the platoons down to 20 men each would bring the list close to a 1,000 point variant. Chimeras will prove invaluable in small games (and useful in large games).
    "My tanks have names, my men have numbers." -Col. Edmund Grahvess, 23rd Kronecker Prison Guard

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    i do think that combining below 30 men isn't good. What can wipe 10 men can usually wipe 20 too in a single turn of combat, while 30 is quite a bit more resilient (40 with commy and 5 pw can hold 5 normal terminators for 3 full turns, and then kill them too!)

    A piece of advice i learned through blood and despair: your heavy weapons team will be targeted soon and will be forced to flee after a lonely s6+ unsaved wound (and these are common!) so you should blend them as much as possible with your infantry squads.

    Surprisingly, Heavy weapons are good even in close combat blobs. When you place them in the frontline you have a duality of options: when you're shot at by assault weapons fired by someone which want to assault you, if you put the killing wounds to the heavies you can often prevent the assault (you get farther by 2 inches, not bad!). When you assault, if you move them first you allow a lot more guardsmen to be within 2" from them. I am often able to fight H2H with 30 models out of 35, which is really nice.

    Also, if the enemy is too far/does not come at you/you wiped them (it happens, don't worry) you can sit midfield and blast them with the heavies you have in the platoon

    Now, let's get on the list itself
    CCS: a lonely Missile launcher isn't going to matter a lot. An autocannon or a lascannon is a better pick (keep other vets empty). Remember that it's quite high on the priority of enemy's anti-infantry guns, so keep it protected and maybe get some camo cloacks for them. If you don't like a static, long-range CCS, another nice setup is 4x plasmagun, even if it is MUCH more expensive and every loss is a lot of points for us guards
    Platoon 1:
    -PCS vanilla. I tested it last game, opposite to my usual 4x flamers version. I found that it is exceptionally cost-efficient while on foot! Extra-cheap speedbump for enemy assaulters, which can dish out 13 las shots within 12" after FRFSRF isn't bad vs other GEQ. +1 for this. Another possible setup is 4x GL or 4x flamers. this pratically doubles the PCS cost, so be careful.
    -Squads with PW. Solid choice, you'll be able to kill 5 terminators given enough time (about 3 full turns), losing about 20 men in return
    Consider adding 4 heavy weapons to upgrade your combat effectiveness (i know this sounds odd, but try and see it yourself) and giving you some extra flexibility (you're not forced to footslog to be effective). Mortars are extra cheap and blends nicely with your lasguns. Autocannons are a solid pick and boost your anti-transport firepower. I have a similar setup with AC and i let them blast the enemy for 2 turns before footslogging to midfield (with 3 turns of running you'll reach everything across the table)

    Platoon 2:
    -PCS vanilla, as above. Place it carefully to allow it to dash in front of the squads to slow down incoming assaulters
    -Squads: while kitting one blob to cc duty is a wise choice, kitting ALL your platoons for this duty requires a complete different list (straken jumps to mind). You'd better convert this as an heavy weapons gunline, grabbing 4 autocannons and let them blast all time. Keep the commissar, you'll get charged a lot of times (outflankers, deepstriking units, etc) and losing 40+ men in a single assault phase is so sad
    -HWT: these will melt like snow during summer. Try to integrate them inside infantry squads, you can keep one or two alone but no more. Consider a CCS with company standard near them to buff their morale (they'll need to check a lot). Keep them cheap! autocannons or mortars!

    Sentinels: drop the HKM, you've only 2 of them, 1 will miss, 1 will do something useful only .5 of the times. Grab a third sentinel instead!

    Hydras: They're the only light vehicles in your list, expect your enemy to target them early and blowing them up. Use the points to expand your heavy weapons for the infantry or another Leman russ battle tank

    LRBTx2: solid pick. keep them cheap, and 3 of them is much harder to manage than 2. Be careful that missiles can pen your side armour so do not be overconfident.
    I don't use Vendettas or Valks...if Guardsmen were meant to fly, the Emperor would have given them wings. (343rd Mordian)
    The battle for Hidaxes SubSector (Listwar)! 184th Cadian blog: 184th.blogspot.com

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    Platoon Command Squads
    I would give them grenade launchers or flamers. I would never waste taking special weapons on them.

    Infantry Squads
    I would combine all your squads a commissar in a 10 man squad is a waste and a blob squad with no commissar is pushing it. Not to mention that the 10 man squads will get destroyed fast. If your going to be marching them up the field you could move a battle tank ahead of them so they have cover.

    Heavy Weapon Squads
    Okay but if they get shot at they will probably run or be killed from being such a small squad. You could drop them for points toward grenade launchers or flamers in the infantry squads or weapons in the platoon command squads. As well as a couple other things such as the laser cannons.

    Fast Attack
    I would drop the hunter killer missiles they are one shot only and take auto cannons on them instead so you have a nice weapon with strength and range.

    Heavy Support
    For the Leman Russ Battle Tanks I would add a laser cannon on them so they can take out tanks better. The blast will scatter off target most of the time.
    Waffles waffles waffles waffles?

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