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    1500pts Ultramarines [friendly] Where to go next?

    Just getting back into 40k after a break since early 2nd edition, so quite a change in rules.
    I'm mostly playing with a bunch of friends where I face Nids, Dark Eldar (whyches and dark lance skimmers mainly), Orks with loadsa Kans & Klaws, Chaos Marines and Tau.
    Myself I am playing Ultramarines 2nd Company, main goal is to have a fun and versatile list.

    So far I have painted 1500pts worth of models but I also have quite a bit unassembled and/or unpainted, so I am looking for feedback on what I have built so far but also some advice on what to get to work with next to evolve the list a bit.
    Since I don't have too much time to spend painting I like to keep a nucleus of what I have in the list so far.

    1500 pts:
    1 Captain w. Artificer armor, Relic Blade, Bolter & Hellfire rounds 155pts
    1 Dread w. Multimelta 105pts
    1 Dread w. Assault Cannon & Heavy flamer 125pts
    1 Terminator Assault squad w. 1 LC & 4 TH/SS 200pts
    1 Ten man Tactical Squad w. Melta, Multimelta. Sergeant w. Chainsword/Bolt Pistol + Rhino 210pts
    1 Ten man Tactical Squad w. Flamer, Missile Launcher. Sergeant w. Chainsword/Bolt Pistol 170pts
    1 Five man Scout Squad w. 1 Bolter, 2 Shotguns, 1 Heavy Bolter. Sergeant with Bolt Pistol/Combat Blade + Meltabombs 90pts
    1 Five man Assault Squad. Sergeant with Plasma Pistol/Power Fist 140pts
    1 Five man Devastator Squad w. 2 Heavy Bolter, 2 Missile Launcher. Sergeant with Bolter/Bolt Pistol 150pts
    1 Predator w. Autocannon/Heavy Bolter 85pts
    1 Predator w. Autocannon & HK Missile 70pts

    What I have to add to this is the following, all unpainted unless otherwise stated:
    Captain Sicarius
    5 Terminators (AOBR) [Painted]
    1 Librarian with Terminator Armor & Storm shield
    1 Chaplain with Jump Pack & Bolt Pistol
    5 Scouts with 4 Sniper Rifle, 1 Missile Launcher
    5 Sternguards (Finecast box) [Unassembled]
    Command Squad (Box) [Unassembled]
    1 Landspeeder Storm [Unassembled]
    1 Landspeeder [Unassembled]
    1 Razorback [Unassembled]
    1 Rhino [Unassembled]
    1 Drop pod [Unassembled]
    10 Marines w. at least 2 of each special weapon/heavy weapon [Unassembled]
    I also have Lascannon and Missile Launcher for the second Dread.

    Any thoughts and ideas? Additions/changes don't necessarily have to be from my existing models but it would help.

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    I am playing Ultramarines 2nd Company, main goal is to have a fun and versatile list.
    You're making good progress towards this. Substitute Sicarius for the Captain when you get the last two transports finished, and field three Tactical Squads in transports, and your goal is all but achieved.

    Insert the Librarian and AOBR Terminators for a support element. Between the Termies' versatility and the Librarian's psychic abilities, they'll make an excellent midfield unit. The Assault Terminators can go to help make room; their effectiveness is limited without a Land Raider. (Hmm, an LR with Assault Termies would make a good centerpiece for a mechanized list. Both options have merit.)

    You need more power weapons/fists. Many more. Tyranids and CSM have plenty of hard targets and Dark Eldar love their Feel No Pain. Remove a Dreadnought or the Assault squad if you need points.

    The way you've kitted the Devastators is ideal for combat squadding, especially once Sicarius comes online. See if you can find the points to fill out the squad.
    "My tanks have names, my men have numbers." -Col. Edmund Grahvess, 23rd Kronecker Prison Guard

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