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    Beginners 1000 points Renegade Guard

    Hello LO commune, I am new to Imperial Guard, and more in-love with fluff and having fun than winning.
    With that out of the way, I made a close quarters and ranged list according to the models I own so far (excluding the hydras) but I hope to add storm troopers, ogryns and sentinels to the list for funs.

    Stray Dogs of the Disciple - 1000 pts, 1st Guard of the Na-obi region

    HQ: 215 points

    Primaris Psyker (The Disciple) = 70pts

    Company Command Squad (Sambi's Pack) = 145 pts
    *7 strong
    *Company Commander armed with Powerfist
    *4 veterans armed with laspistols
    *2 bodyguards
    *mounted in a Chimera
    *fitted with a heavy flamer
    Core: 425 points

    Dogs of Sambi = 265 points
    Platoon Command Squad = 50 pts
    *armed with 4 flamers
    Infantry Squad = 70 pts
    *armed with lascannon
    Infantry Squad = 70 pts
    *armed with lascannon
    Heavy Weapons Squad = 75 pts
    *armed with autocannons
    Dogs of the Disciple = 160 points
    Penal Legion Squad = 80 pts
    Penal Legion Squad = 80 pts

    Heavy Support: = 320 points

    Leman Russ Battletank, Howl = 170 pts
    *armed with heavy bolter sponsons
    Barking Twins, (not a squadron)
    Hydra Flak Tank = 75 pts
    Hydra Flak Tank = 75 pts
    = 960 points
    40 points left over! Tweaks to be made!

    My idea is that the penal legionnaires run behind the chimera for protection and the psyker attaches himself to the ccs for dice gunning peeps to with his bolter lightning bolts. The combined squad shoots at vehicles I guess? I like the idea of 4 autocannon rerollable hits from a hydra tank, can convert a giant gattling autocannon on a chimera hull to represent them. Again though, I am hindered by the models I currently own.

    Input is appreciated and loved in akward fashion by your loving Prince of Hating Things

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    Primaris Psyker

    Company Command Squad
    Replace the laspistols with melta guns so you have some strength then assault. Remember the shooting phase is our strength.


    Platoon Command Squad

    Infantry Squad
    I would throw in a commissar in the combine squad to make sure they don't fail a moral check.

    Heavy Weapons Squad
    Okay but I would keep them by a command squad so if they fall back you can regroup them and also issue the twin linked order to them to take out vehicles easier.

    Penal Legion Squads
    Okay not really crazy about them but they are kind of neat fluff wise.

    Heavy Support

    Leman Russ Battle Tank
    I would drop the heavy bolters you have to hold still to shoot both of them. So replace them with a lascannon so you can take out vehicles.

    Good just remember you can only fire one weapon if you move. They are two separate hydra cannons.
    Waffles waffles waffles waffles?

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