[1000] Space Marines - See but not seen - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1000] Space Marines - See but not seen

    Chapter Bruinor
    -See but not seen
    -We stand alone!

    Master of Sanctity {119}
    -Bolt Pistol
    -Termie Honors

    Command Squad x10 {222}
    -Veteran Sarge with Power Fist/bolt pistol
    -2x flamers
    -7x bolt pistol/ccw

    Tac Squad One x10 {235}
    -Veteran Sarge with 2x L. claws
    -1x meltagun
    -8x bolters

    Tac Squad Two x10 {225}
    -Veteran Sarge with Power Fist/bolt pistol
    -1x meltagun
    -1x H. bolter

    Land Speeder {65}
    -Multi Melta

    Vindicator {133}
    -smoke grenades
    -extra armor

    1999 pts
    Total troops: 31
    Total vehicles: 2

    Trying to make a fast, mobile army that doesn't mind escalation. Enemies will probably be marines, but maybe tau or nids. Thoughts?

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    Overall I like the list, Marine heavy armies tend to do well, I love Vindicators and Multi-melta land speeders are excellant. Both good (in my opinion) choices.

    Although I just said I liked it 1 ulti melta isnt really enough anti-tank.

    You seem to know what your doing with Squad Sargeants though i would go for powefists to kill what normal marines cant.

    Marines you ought to do well against and Tau lack the AP3 weapons to get through this many marines especialy with infiltrate.

    Nidz could be problematic, you will lose in combat and you lack ranged power almost completely,in filtrating just puts you closer to a bunch of Bio Monstrosities and even if you get first turn 1 round of rapid firing bolters wont be enough.
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