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    [750] Vanilla (Pre-Heresy)

    I've had a hankering for some time to model some pre-heresy thousand sons, and thought I might be able to build a small list out of it. Here are my ideas.

    Advantages: None
    Disadvantages: None

    (Note: while I know the TS were far from being codex, since the codex hadn’t been written yet, none of the advantages or disadvantages seem to me to reflect their unique predicament. This list is simply a ‘as best as I can represent it’ list.)

    Note that I already have a semi-competitive army. This one is just a modelling project which might just happen to be playable after a fashion. While I appreciate tactical imput, don’t expect me to leap to follow unfluffy suggestions like taking out the librarians.

    Epistolary – 141 points
    Might of Heroes, Storm of the Emperor’s Wrath, Bolt Pistol, Force Weapon, Psychic Hood, Familiar

    Codicier – 104 points
    Fury of the Ancients, Bolt Pistol, Force Weapon, Psychic Hood

    7 Man Command Squad – 125 points
    Bolt Pistols, Close Combat Weapons, 2 Meltaguns
    Rhino – 50 points

    6 Tactical Marines – 95 points
    Bolters, 1 x Heavy Bolter

    6 Tactical Marines – 95 points
    Bolters, 1 x Heavy Bolter

    Dreadnought – 138 points
    Twin Linked Lascannon, Missile Launcher, Smoke Launchers

    Total 748

    The tactical idea here is extremely basic.. It's pretty much a combination of troops designed to kill different levels of enemy.

    The big librarian leads the close combat squad around the flanks. With their meltaguns and his force weapon, they should hopefully be able to kill big things, but will get swamped by little things should they come into contact with them (the might of heroes power was intended to help here.)

    Meanwhile.. the tactical squads are built to kill small, numerous enemies at range with their heavy bolters and, if I've read the fury of the ancients power correctly (quite fluffy for a TS army, I think.. it could reflect some unfortunate daemon summoned and bound with forbidden magics) the second librarian should have a similar ability to deal out many medium range hits. He also adds a bit of close combat power because, let's face it, 12 marines won't shoot too much before CC rears its ugly head.

    Finally.. the dreadnought is the obligatory long-range tank buster.

    So, any thoughts as to how I could improve this idea without compromising the feel of the army?

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    if you drop 2 out of the command squad or find some other way to shave 30 points, you can make the dread venerable and tankhunter, which will seriously improve his tankbusting ability.

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