Notes: 740 not 750 points. Renegade chapter (not chaos, just a collection of marines who have fled their chapter and banded together for some reason). Main opponents will be Chaos and Marines.

Fluff to follow, when it is done to my satisfaction. The fluff as it stands doesn't allow Chaplains or Librarians, so please don't tell me to take them.

Take the Fight to Them.
Cleanse and Purify

Flesh over Steel
Die Standing

Terminator Honours
Power Sword
Plasma Pistol
total 105

9 Marines
2 Melta Guns
1 is VS
Power Fist
total 190
cum 295

9 Marines
2 Plasma Guns
total 160
cum 455

9 Marines
1 Plasma Gun
1 Multi-Melta
total 155
cum 610

2 Attack Bikes
Multi Meltas
total 130
cum 740