[1500] IG Mechanised Infantry - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    I AM the Evil Twin! Jared van Kell's Avatar
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    1466 (x8)

    [1500] IG Mechanised Infantry


    Command squad

    Heroic senior officer- Bolt pistol, Powerweapon, Carapace armour, Iron Discipline, Die Hards
    4 Guardsmen- Las-pistols, Close combat weapons, Flamer, Medic, Regimental standard
    bearer, Master vox, Die Hards.
    Chimera- Turrent mounted heavy bolter, Hull mounted heavy bolter, Pintle mounted storm
    bolter, Extra armour, Smoke launchers, Rough terrain modification. 247pts

    Commisar- Bolt pistol, Powerfist. 61pts


    Veteran squad

    Veteran sergeant- Bolt pistol, Powerweapon, Die hards.
    8 Veterans- Las-guns, 3 Plasma guns, Las-cannon, Die hards.
    Chimera- Turrent mounted multi laser, Hull mounted heavy bolter, Pintle mounted storm
    bolter, Smoke launchers. 248pts


    Infantry platoon

    Platoon command squad

    Junior officer- Las-pistol, Powerfist, Carapace armour, Honourificus imperialis, Iron Discipline,
    Die hards.
    4 Guardsmen- Las-guns, Grenade launcher, Missle launcher, Vox caster, Die hards.
    Chimera- Turrent mounted heavy bolter, Hull mounted heavy bolter, Pintle mounted storm
    bolter, Smoke launchers. 222pts

    Infantry squad 1

    10 Guardsmen- Las-guns, Flamer, Autocannon, Vox caster, Die hards.
    Chimera- Turrent mounted multi-laser, Hull mounted heavy bolter, Pintle mounted storm
    bolter, Smoke launchers. 189pts

    Infantry squad 2

    10 Guardsmen- Las-guns, Plasma gun, Las-cannon, Vox caster, Die hards.
    Chimera- Turrent mounted heavy flamer, Hull mounted heavy flamer, Rough terrain
    mofication. 195pts

    Conscripts platoon

    20 Conscripts- Las-guns, 2 Flamers. 98pts


    Sentinel squadron

    2 Sentinels- Las-cannon 110pts



    Basalisk- Earthshaker artillary gun, Hull mounted heavy bolter, Indirect fire,
    Extra armour. 130pts

    Total 1500pts

    I have gone for flexibility in this list so i've included several variations of weapons amoungst the chimeras and squads so that I have something to deal with just about everything.
    Since I am new to Imperial guard :unsure: I would appreciate tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of this army. ^_^

    Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably gonna get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.


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    The Fallen Cheredanine's Avatar
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    411 (x8)

    Hi, OK personnaly I dont like conscripts in a mechanised list (but it is a personnal thing) if you are going to do it, take the indi comisars option and stick the comisar with them to give them some spine, but either way, they are gonna get left behind, I would be far more tempted by an AF squad

    Again perseonal preference rather than any hard and fast rule, but I prefer multi laser to heavy B for the main weapon on the chimers, higher strength, and I prefer pintel sheavy stubbers to storm bolters

    Split your sentinals in to 2 squadrons, it gives them more survivability and better targeting options, also I would consider getting them HK missiles, but that final bit is not to everyones tastes

    Basilisk - this is where you get spare points from, it should not be in line of sight so the heavy bolter and extra armour are needless

    Finally a little concerned about what you are trying to do with your HQs, IG just can not hack close combat, all that tooling is a waste, particularly the carapace armour - ditch it and spend the points elsewhere

    Otherwise pretty solid

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    LO's Shadow Captain Lost Nemesis's Avatar
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    830 (x8)

    All those vehicle upgrades.... :mellow:

    I'd drop quite a few of them...the only ones I've ever seen useful are Smoke Launchers, and for Sentinels the Armoured Crew Compartments...besides that...nyeeh, I dunno.

    I agree with Cheredanine, don't tool up your HQ like that...if you get them close enough to pretty much any enemy (including a few Tau units, not just Kroot, that I can mention) they're going to go down. You want them in that Chimera, and at the rear. The only upgrades in my own list I gave them were:

    3x Veterans w/ Storm Bolters, 1x Master Vox, and the HSO with a Storm Bolter. They have the Carapace Armour doctrine for my theme, Mechanised Grenadiers as opposed to normal Guardsmen. I'd also drop that Commissar from your HQ squad - he's un-needed, takes up too many points for the rest of your army.

    Like Cheredanine said, again, swap out some Heavy Bolters for Multilasers. The Chimeras should be equipped with a Multilaser on the turret, then a hull Heavy Bolter for max efficiency IMO. You have a lack of anti-tank, it looks to me, so the +1 S of the Multilaser as well as the amount of shots will definitely aid your army.

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