[2498] Imperial Guard - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [2498] Imperial Guard

    Light Infantry
    Close Order Drill
    Storm Trooper Squads
    Special Weapon Squads
    *Creed has iron discipline without doctrine point so he can use the master vox of my command or the vox of one of my platoon commands*


    I'm VERY new to miniatures and tabletop 40k. i wanted to try a list that would use all my models (i just finished the hellhound tracks so they're to be glued and i have paint, rocks and flock for bases so it's all playable in a day or two) and i was hard pressed to get em all in at 2000points so i went overboard on upgrades. just need to decide who gets the grenades to make it even 2500. advice on how to go for 2000 points would be much appreciated.

    -Ursarkar Creed (iron discipline)
    Jarren Kell (iron discipline)

    -Jr Officer Honorifica Imperialis, Power Weapon
    Master Vox
    Vet Medic
    Missile Launcher Team
    Commissar Powerfist, CCW&Laspistol

    -Special Weapon Squad1: 2 Sniper Rifles, 4 Lasguns
    -Special Weapon Squad2: 3 Sniper Teams
    -Anti-tank Squad: 3 Missile Teams (sharpshooters)
    -Mortar Squad: 3 Mortar Teams

    -Kasrkin Squad1: 4 Hellguns, Vox, Vet Sgt Master Crafted Pwr Weapon, Grenade Launcher, Meltagun (deep strike)
    -Kasrkin Squad2: 4 Hellguns, Vox, Vet Sgt Master Crafted Pwr Weapon, Plasma Gun, Flamer (deep strike)
    -Storm Trooper Squad1: 3 Hellguns, Vet Sgt Plasma Pistol&Bolter, Grenade Launcher, Plasma Gun (deep strike)

    -Jr Officer Pasma Pistol& Pwr Weapon
    2 Grenade Launchers
    Commissar Bolt Pistol&CCW
    -6 Lasguns, Vox, Sgt, Lascannon Team (sharpshooters)
    -6 Lasguns, Vox, Sgt, Autocannon Team (sharpshooters)
    -4 Lasguns, Sgt, (Remnants)

    -Jr Officer Powerfist&Laspistol
    Vox Laspistol&CCW
    Vet Standard Bearer
    -2 Laspistol&CCW
    Commissar Powerfist, CCW&Stormbolter
    -6 Lasguns, Vox, Vet Sgt Plasma Pistol&CCW, Flamer, Sniper Rifle(light infantry, sharpshooters)
    -7 Lasguns, Vox, Vet Sgt Plasma Pistol&CCW, Meltagun, Sniper Rifle (light infantry, sharpshooters)
    -3 Lasguns, Vox, Sgt, Flamer (Remnants, light infantry)

    -Chimera Multilaser, Hull Heavy bolter, Storm Bolter, Track Guards, Smoke Grenades

    -Hellhound Hull Heavy Bolter, Smoke Grenades

    -Leman Russ Lascannon, Sponson Heavy Bolters, Pintle Heavy Stubber, Hunter Killer Missile,Track Guards, Smoke Grenades
    -Leman Russ Lascannon, Sponson Heavy Bolters, Pintle Heavy Stubber, Track Guards, Smoke Grenades
    -Bassilisk Hull Heavy Bolter, Indirect Fire

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    wow great army pic at the top! I wont pick it apart and say what you should add and what you should take out since it looks like you've got it all painted up and ready to go already.

    I like how you took the junior officer with honorifica imperialis, with creed and kell that seems fluffy to me, creed would keep a promising young (yet super good) officer near to him to serve almost as his apprentice - good hopes for your commanding officer for a career in the guard to come!

    you seem to have alot of wargear selected up and some of your squads must be really expensive. let me know how they fare on the battlefield, I'd be interested to see if squads you've invested so heavily in make their returns. I have a hard enough time getting guard infantry to just pull it's weight and break even - having more expensive infantry would just make things harder on me hehe.

    well good luck with the army, post up some battle reports!

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