Here is my current BT army list, I would appreciate everybody's advice on it. It originally started out with me getting what I liked the look of the most, and, because I'm a big cheapskate (I know the combination of Warhammer player and cheapskate is incomprehensible to most, but se la vi), so I like to use the models I already have, and I might have a bit more focused list otherwise, but se la vi. It's soon going to be upgraded to a 1250pt list, which I'm going to explain down below.

High Marshal: power weapon, storm bolter, articifer armor
Emperor's Champion
8x Initiates w/CC weapon&bolt pistol, 1x w/flamer, 1x w/powerfist&bolt pistol
8x Initiates w/ bolters, 1x w/melta, 1x w/multi-melta
1x Dreadnought w/TLLC, car-crusher&storm bolter, extra armor, smoke launchers
1x Predator Destructor w/autocannon,heavy bolters, extra armor, storm bolter, and smoke launchers
1x Initiate Bikers, 2x w/melta, 3x Neophyte Bikers

Soon (very soon) I'm going to get a Rhino and an LRC, with the bolter squad in the Rhino and CC squad in the LRC. I know it's very uncharacteristic for BTs to go int battle with so few CC oriented squads, but after that it's going to move up to 2000pts featuring:

8x Assault Marines, 2x w/power fists
8x Assault Marines, 2x w/power fists

I'll then get a chappie w/jump pack to replace the High Marshal, and put the Emperor's Champion in the LRC, so no men will have to footslog. The dred will, but I'm thinking drop-podding him in might not onoly solve the footslogging problem, but draw enough fire away from the rapidly advancing rest of the army to minimize casualties. If I have enough points after that (which I probably will) I'll add 3-4 Neophytes w/CC&BP to the LRC CC squad. Assuming (even after all of that) that I have enough points, I might even add either a Whirlwind or another, smaller CC squad in a Rhino.

The LRC CC squad and the assault squads are to form the battle line, to hit the enemy and immediately engage them in a bloody melee, with the predator filling in where it's needed the most, mowing down a tough infantry squad of something like that. The LRC CC squad was designed to hit and completely destroy whatever unit is taking center field. I don't remember exactly if tanks can move, shoot, and then tank shock/disgorge CC squad, but if so... With a hole in the line, the assault squads seperate the two halves of the enemy army more, and, assuming it's still functional, meet up with the dred. The bikers' hold the flank, and do some flanking themselves, to go into the back lines and tank hunt. The bolter squad do pretty much the same thing, but also can act as a mobile fire support platform, or support the main line if they have to.

Please post your tips and advice!