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Thread: [1500] Sob

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    [1500] Sob

    blessed weapon,cloak St Aspira cloak of St Ophelia,jump pack inferno pistol 145 (go alone with spirit of the Martyr)

    St celestine 201 (go alone with spirit of the Martyr)

    6 Seraphim 2 inferno pistol and vet (they hunt tanks and termies, special force)

    2 Exorcist 270 (a must)

    10 Retributor 4 heawy bolter vet sup 184 vet sup ( so usefull)

    10 sob melta and vet 134

    10 sob melta and vet 134

    Callidus 120 (cool)

    I have 140 points to spend and an Inquisitor to take so :

    Inquisitor with psycocannon 50 (??? useless )

    5 Celestian multimelta, melta 90 (??? only to denied a area not very usefull)

    45 models, 10 faith points , 2 tank

    What do you think???

    I know cannoness and St Celestine can seem a waste of points but they ALWAYS arrived and ALWAYS enter inn CC and ALWAYS
    make point or block enemies heavy weapon troops so the other sob can arrived . 2 cannoness with callidus so fun...

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    Hmm... I guess in this army it won't matter that much, because faith is lacking, but honestly, I never take St. Celestine, because when she dies for the first time, you take that blow to faith.I don't think that it's worth it.
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