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    [1850] Blood Angels List: Has yet to be beaten

    This is a list that I have modified from a couple of my other lists following similar strategies. I'm trying a new thing I've never tried before that I would like some input on (not using sponsons). Before you tear this sucker up: This army will be facing Marines, Imperial Guard and Eldar so please make comments relivant.

    Chaplain Lemartes+Death Company+Jet Pack-249pts
    Sanguinary High Priest+Term. Hon.+Jet Pack+BP+PW+Melta Bombs+Narthecium/Reductor-156pts (Joins Assault Squad "Heavy")

    Moriar The Chosen+Drop Pod (NOTE: Whether Moriar may be transported in a Drop Pod or not is still unknown as far as I know, but the groups I play with allow it).

    Venerable Dreadnought+LC+Extra Armor+Smoke-153pts

    Scout Squad Assault Heavy-163pts
    Vet+PF+Tele. Homr.
    9x Scouts+BP+CCW

    Scout Squad Assault Light-140pts
    8x Scouts+BP+CCW

    Fast Attack-687pts
    Land Speeder Squadron-150pts
    2x Land Speeder Tornados w/ MM+HF variant (I realize some think this combo is bad, but I've found that once you've taken care of all tank threats you can go after troops visa versa).

    Assault Squad Heavy-280pts
    7x Assault Marines
    2x Assault Marines+PP
    Melta Bombs

    Assault Squad Light-257pts
    7x Assault Marines
    2x Assault Marines+Flamers

    Heavy Support-128ptspts

    Predator Annihilator+Extra Armor+Smoke-128pts (I'm trying a tank w/o sponsons because I've found that I normally never get both sponsons to shoot at one target because of their limited range, and the inability to move, to get a direct shot, and fire non-defensive weapons. Also I like being able to have a tank thats cheaper than a Dreadnought w/ a twinlinked lascannon AND have better front armor).

    When played right this list is great. It has enough firepower for tank popping and pleanty of assault power. So far I've gone 4-0 against IG armies, Eldar, and SW. Questions, comments, critiques?

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    It's a solid-enough looking list, but don't you think it's a little light on Troops choices?

    Other than that, it's nice, all those Jump Packs would put you on top of the enemy by the end of the second turn...at the latest.

    I'm a big fan of Moriar the Chosen.

    Also, can you give the Sanguiniary High Priest the Exsanguinator? It's only five more points, but it allows you to ignore many more wounds. It's worth it, I think.

    WHFB: Dwarfs || WH40k: Imperial Fists, Necrons || WM/H: Trollbloods || BFG: Necrons

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    I agree, it's a little troop light. Against Eldar you may need numbers, and you may face a punding of firepower from IG. I think you should include at least another tactical squad.

    But other than that, great list. Well done.!

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