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    [1850] Ultramarines (Tournament)

    [HQ - 1]
    Master of Sanctity - Crozius Arcanum, Rosarius, jump pack, bolt pistol, frag grenades {122 pts}

    [ELITES - 3]-396
    [1]Terminator Squad[7] - 2x Assault cannons, 1 chainfist-125
    [1]Dreadnought - Twin linked lascannon, DCCW w/ storm bolter, searchlight, Venerable-146 pts}
    [1]Dreadnought - Twin linked lascannon, DCCW w/ storm bolter-125 pts

    [TROOPS - 4] -400
    Tactical Squad [5] - Lascannon, plasma gun-100
    Tactical Squad [5] - Lascannon, plasma gun-100
    Tactical Squad [5] - Lascannon, plasma gun-100
    Tactical Squad [5] - Lascannon, plasma gun-100

    [HEAVY SUPPORT - 3]-455
    Predator Annihilator:HB-130
    Predator Destructer:LC-125
    Devastator Squad[8]:[4]ML-200

    I couldnt think of an HQ or chapter traits so..its about 1373 pts. Help me out.

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    2 (x3)

    static fire power eh?

    let me try en help

    for these kinds of armies I find it useful to have one fast CC unit for counter attacks. So stick your chappy into an assault squad where his jumpack will actually do him good. With an assault squad and two dreads running around I'd pity the fool who tries to run into your battle line.

    for the heavy weps, dude be more original. Drop a lascannon from a squad or two and get a plasma cannon. Trust me u have enough anti tank fire power and need more anti infantry, I know from experiance that the plasma cannon is useful despite the 1 in 6 chance of over heating.

    For the termies get rid of the chain fist, no tank is gona get within smiting range and u have enough lascannons as it is.

    As for traits...

    you could take see but don't be seen, or clense and purify for a powerful close fire support squad, never despair for an extra turn of shooting, honour your wargear for more anti tank (not like u need it...), maybe even no mecry no respite for the assault squad, trust me with that trait they get real nasty.

    for draw backs i reconmend eye to eye (cause it wont affect u) and die standing as once again it wont affect u (but then your chosing the same drawbacks as me :p)

    hope that helped

    P.S: 7 termies with two assault cannons will never cost 125 points
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