Here it goes, Im going to try it out in a few hours against a good friend of mine and his troop heavy guard army. Hopeing for some last minute feedback that might help me...

HQ Tank: (305pts)
-Leman Russ Conqueror (Imp Comms, Extra Armor, All Hv.Bolters, Ace Gunners, Side Skirts)

TROOPS: (400pts)
-Leman Russ Battle Tank (Hull Hv.Bolter, Hv.Bolter Sponsons, Ace Gunners, Side Skirts)

-Leman Russ Battle Tank (Hull Lascannon, Bolter Sponsons, Ace Gunners, Side Skirts)

FAST ATTACK: (455pts)
-Hellhound (Bare bones, no frills)
-Armored Fist Sqd (Squad Hvy Bolter, Chimera w/ ML, Hvy Bolter & Side Skirts)
-Armored Fist Sqd (Same as above)

ELITES: (342pts)
-Storm Troopers (6 + Sgt w/ 2x Grenade Launchers, Chimera w/ ML, Hvy Bolter)
-Storm Troopers (Same as above)

TOTAL: 1502pts