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    [2000]Daemonhunter(both) 1 or 2?

    ------------------List 1--------------------------
    [1] Grand Mastersycannon-176-360
    [4] Grey Knight Terminators-184


    [1] Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Lord:Auspex,Psycannon,-52--153,(hq-18
    [3] Gun Servitor's:[1]Plasma Cannon,[2] Heavy Bolter-75
    [2] Sage-20
    [1] Mystic-6

    Officio Assassinorum Operativeversor-95

    [7] Inquisitorial Storm Troopers:[2] Plasma Guns,-148-296
    [1] Rhinoxtra Armor,SMokes

    [7] Inquisitorial Storm Troopers:[2] Melta Guns,
    [1] Rhinoxtra Armor,SMokes

    [8] Grey Knights:Justicar:-230

    Fast Attack-480
    [8] Grey Knights:Incinerator,Justicar:Melta Bomb-230
    [8] Grey Knights:Incinerator,Justicar:Melta BOmb-230

    Heavy Support-
    [1] Grey Knights Dreadnought:TLLC,MIssle Launcher,Extra Armor,SMokes-
    [1] Grey Knights Land Raider CrusaderMokes-258

    --------List 2-------

    [1] Grand Mastersycannon-176
    [4] Grey Knight Terminators.[1]Incinerator,[1]TH/SS-1-199

    [8] Inquisitorial Storm Troopers:[2] Plasma Guns,[1]Vet w/TH-178-356
    [1] Rhinoxtra Armor,SMokes

    [8] Inquisitorial Storm Troopers:[2] Melta Guns,
    [1] Rhinoxtra Armor,SMokes

    [8] Grey Knights:Justicar,Teleport Homer-235

    Fast Attack-480
    [8] Grey Knights:Incinerator,Justicar:Melta Bomb-240
    [8] Grey Knights:Incinerator,Justicar:Melta BOmb-240

    Heavy Support-554
    [1] Grey Knights Dreadnought:TLLC/ML,Extra Armor,SMokes-148
    [1] Grey KNights Dreadnought:TLLC/ML,Extra Armor,Smokes-148
    [1] Grey Knights Land Raider Crusaderxtra Armor,SMokes-258

    Which one? I like both of em so much...Its like sending one of my children to die...
    PAGK go in raider I DS all other GKs

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    8 (x2)

    Well, List one might not work against any army that brings even a moderate amout of vehicles to a battle. The dreadnought, though an assault cannon can be effective against vehicles, it is really much better suited towards troops, and the Missile launcher is you only long range anti tank. The meltaguns in the IST squad can be put to use, but their rhino will likely be gone on turn one in a 2000 pt battle, and so you wont get to the other end of the board until late in the game.Meltabombs are ok, but you will probably DS near troops instead. What im saying is, there is a good chance that against an army with a landraider, monolith, etc.., you might have beaten every troop, but wont have a high enough Strength on any weapons left to win the game in the case of annhialation games.

    I prefer list 2 to list 1. As for you GM, i think that his psycannons points would be better spent on Icon of the just, or you could find the points to give him both. As for you LRC, if you really like it for the transport and for the firepower, keep it. i would suggest however taking another fast attack Gk squad instead. This list, like the first, isnt HUGE on anti tank, but what pure GK army is? I think it has enough anti tank to keep your opponent from winning solely because of a a tank.

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