OK, this is what happens when you buy a Codex because of the cool looking pictures and the opportunity to snap up a couple of Gideon Lorr minatures!

However WH Retinue struck me as a good basis for a Kill Team, with an optional bolt-on to make it up to 400 pts for a CP Force.

Puritan Inquistor with Master-Crafted Plasma Pistol, Power Glove, Excruciators, Psyocculum, Auspex & Purity Seals

Acolyte with Plasma Pistol

Sister Hospitaller Chirurgeon


3 x IST Henchmen, 2 with Hellguns, 1 with Meltagun

Total 160pts

I think it's fluffy rather than hard-core winning - but whatever!

Also if I add

2 x Squads each of 10 IST, each with Vet Sgt, Melta Bomb & Flamer (120 pts each)

The whole thing sits neatly on 400pts

The Inquistor sneaks in doing his KT thing, and it can turn into a CP mission when he needs to call in the IST's.

(For IST's I'm using a box of Cadians with a suitable paint job)