Hi guys i was just playing with the idea of a shooty BA list and i thought up this thing. See if it works plz.

DC Chaplain w/BP, jump pack, the power wep, frag - 217pts
DC -it's free

Tac squad - Vet. Sgt w/auspex+bolter, 3 bolters, 1 plasma gun, 1 lascannon - 132pts

Tac squad - 4 bolters, 1 lascannon, 1 plasma gun - 115pts

Tac squad - 4 bolters, plasma cannon - 95pts

Scouts - Vet Sgt w/auspex+sniper, 3 snipers, 1 ML - 110pts

2xLandspeeder Tornado w/HB+AC - 160pts

Devs - Vet. Sgt w/auspex+bolter, 2 bolters, 3 MLs - 167pts

996pts 33models

Now the concept is to just sit tight and blast away while the DC and the LS advance (preferably along a flank, to reduce incoming fire ). Some of the squads will move forward due to Red Thirst (inevitable usually) and they will still be able to fire with the rapid-fire guns i put in there (plasma guns :p whoopee) I leave horde-control to the LS, snipers and frag missile Devs while the las/plas squads pick off the armour and the Monstrous Creatures. I got a few friends who stuff in Termies and Grey Knights and lotsa XV8s so i got a plasma cannon to kick those heavily armoured butts! :p
I'm betting a lot on the ranged firepower being heavy enough to let my DC get in CC, i know, but i figure that it should be heavy enough... of course if i'm fighting nids or orks or Khorne i'm just gonna hide my DC and use them for counter-assault.