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    [1850] Blood Angels (Modified Ironman XI list)

    HQ 271 points total

    Master of Sanctity - pfist/crozius, terminator honors, jump pack, frag grenades
    4-6 death company - 271 points

    TROOPS 919 points total

    9x scouts - sniper rifles
    1x vet sergeant - sniper rifle
    193 points

    7x tactical marines - 5x bolters, 1x lascannon, 1x plasma gun
    1x vet sergeant - pfist/bp
    mounted in rhino - EA + Smoke
    248 points

    7x tactical marines - 6x bolters, 1x meltagun, frags
    1x vet sergeant - pw/bp, frags
    mounted in rhino - EA + Smoke
    236 points

    7x tactical marines - 5x bolters, 1x heavy bolter, 1x flamer, frags
    1x vet sergeant - bp/pfist, frags
    mounted in rhino - EA + Smoke
    242 points

    FAST ATTACK 330 points total

    2x Land Speeder Tornados - HB/AC
    160 points

    2x Land Speeder Typhoons - MM/TML
    170 points

    HEAVY SUPPORT 356 points total

    1x Baal Predator - TLAC, SHB, PMSB, EA + Smoke
    138 points

    1x Vindicator Assault Tank - DC/SB, EA + Smoke
    133 points

    1x Whirlwind - V/CML (variable configuration, mission dependent)
    85 points

    Total: 1849 points
    Model count: 49-51

    The plan of attack: The scouts provide pinning fire along with taking down the high-toughness critters (I've even destroyed quite a few vehicles with sniper fire), and the whirlwind provides pinning cover fire for my rhinos and DC to move up into assault positions. Las/plas tac squad is the tank-hunters and/or big critter hunter backup (in case the scouts can't take the big critters down), while the other rhino provides mobile cover for the advancing death company.

    Vindicator is there because s10 ap2 pie plates make baby jesus cry. That, and because it can also provide mobile cover fire as well as act as a fire magnet.

    The speeders (both variants) have the capability to take out just about anything an opponent can field, and with the glancing hit rule it gives them quite a bit of survivability. It's a shame they can't be outfitted with extra armor, though

    I think this list has a good mix of anti-horde and anti-armor firepower, and it fits with the background fluff of the Blood Angels quite nicely (the losses due to the black rage would cause a low troop count), and with the fact that almost everything in the army can move + shoot, it's a very mobile list that maximizes the strengths of the blood angels and minimizes their weaknesses (as any good commander would do). My only concern is that I could get a very streaky rage roll going and have the scouts/heavy weapons tac squad rage every turn, which would be pretty much a waste of points spent on those.

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