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    HQ: Inquisitor Lord
    Psychic Power: Scourging
    Wargear: Force Weapon
    Terminator Armour
    Master-Crafted Force Weapon
    Emperor's Tarot
    Retinue: Gun-Servitor- Plasma Cannon
    Combat-Servitor- Power Fist, Close-Combat Weapon
    Veteran Guardsman- Plasma Gun
    Familiar- Hammerhand
    Familiar- Word of the Emperor
    Familiar- Sanctuary
    Acolyte- Plasma Pistol
    Acolyte- Power Weapon
    Acolyte- Power Weapon
    Transport: Land Raider-HKM, Extra Armour, Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter, Smoke Launchers.
    All of that and he doesn't get Consecrated Scrolls? Remember that you cannot use multiple psychic powers in a single turn, which include's the force weapon's insta-kill power. Waaay too much on the Lord - he'll never even *need* to use it all, if that was even possible. Retinue is horridly mismatched - a heavy gun servitor, a combat servitor, and a rapid fire guardsman? A LAND RAIDER? You're making a common mistake for new DH players - trying to get a little of everything.

    To make a good Inquisitor, think about what you want him to do. Never mix shooty & assault, it's safe to say that you'll fail at both. Specialize! And remember that no matter how much gear he gets, he's still T3!

    Elites: Inquisitor- Force Weapon, Hammerhand, Master-Crafted Force Weapon, Melta Bombs, Artificer Armour, Frag Grenades.
    Retinue: Gun-Servitor- Multi-Melta, Combat-Servitor- Power Fist, Close-Combat Weapon, Veteran Guardsman- Melta Gun, 2x Sage, Acolyte- Plasma Pistol.
    Transport: Land Raider-HKM, Extra Armour, Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter, Smoke Launchers.
    Same advice as above. Way too loaded, and still easy to kill.

    Troops: 10 Stormtroopers
    Veteran- Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Artificier Armour, Melta Bombs
    Rhino-HKM, Extra Armour, Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter, Smoke Launchers.
    Drop all upgrades on the vet aside from ONE weapon - he's an invisible character, so armor is a huge waste, and putting plasma on a one wound model is not the best idea ever. Drop the HK Missile from the Rhino.

    Same advice for all of those units.

    Oh, and somehow you forgot to give the IST units special weapons. You do realize that special weapons are the only reason to bother taking IST. Put 2x of the same weapon into each squad (mixing reduces efficiency). I'd suggest using few-to-no flamer units as well, but the other three weapon types are good to go.

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