[1500] Vanilla IG with SoB Allies - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1500] Vanilla IG with SoB Allies

    This is my first combined army list, but I've played with IG and SoB separately before. When I started building my new IG army, I decided that I'd try using SoB as heavy infantry elements, and as you can see, the HQ got a little out of hand...
    So far, only two games played with this list, but I've fared pretty well.
    First was against Ultramarines - a very veteran heavy army. I started out with my transport units in reserve, and hammered the marines as they closed the gap, then brought my reserves on from the left flank and started burning my way through.
    Second battle was against 'Nids, and started in a similar way - SoB units in reserve, AF squad deployed with the main battleline. Bad start, shooting wise, but when the broods got within rapid fire range I made a bit of a dent, and my flamers came into their own here. However, I just couldn't kill enough before they got into combat, and the game ended in a draw.

    A couple more games scheduled for the coming week - one against Tau and one against another marine army - this one more focussed on tactical and devastator squads. Any suggestions on tactics to use would be grand. I'd rather not make many changes to the list itself, though if anyone notices a glaring discrepancy, please let me know.

    Command Squad [237]
    Senior Officer [70]
    Power Weapon
    Macharian Cross
    3 Veterans
    Standard Bearer
    Bolt Pistol
    Frag & Krak Grenades
    Commissar [40]
    Power Weapon
    Priest [40]
    Purity Seals

    Infantry Platoon [345]
    Junior Officer [40]
    Bolt Pistol
    Plasma Gun
    Squad 1 [60]
    Missile Launcher
    Squad 2 [60]
    Missile Launcher
    Squad 3 [60]
    Squad 4 [60]

    Armoured Fist Squad [181]
    Infantry Squad [60]
    Frag & Krak
    Chimera [70]
    Heavy Flamer
    Heavy Flamer (Hull)

    Leman Russ [165]
    Lascannon (Hull)
    Heavy Bolter Sponsons

    Points Cost 938

    Allied Units

    Canoness [145]
    Inferno Pistol
    Blessed Weapon
    Book of St. Lucius
    Cloak of St. Aspira
    Litanies of Faith
    Purity Seals
    Celestian Retinue [197]
    Veteran Sister Superior
    4 Celestians
    2 Flamers
    Sacred Standard
    Frag & Krak
    Immolator Transport
    Blessed Promethium

    Dominion Squad [211]
    Veteran Sister Superior
    Book of St. Lucius
    9 Dominions
    4 Storm Bolters
    Rhino Transport

    Points Cost 553

    Total Cost 1491

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