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Thread: 2000 pt Tourny

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    2000 pt Tourny

    2000 pts Tourny List
    HQ -470
    Heroic Senior Officer, Master Vox, Power Weapon + 95

    2 Fire Support Squads
    3 Heavy Bolters+ 80
    3 Heavy Bolters + 80 pts
    2 Anti-Tank squads
    3 Lascannons +110

    Elites -357

    10 hardened vets
    Veteran Sarge
    3 plasma Guns
    Vox- 120

    9 Storm Troopers
    1 Vet Sarge Power Weapon
    2 Melta-127

    10 Ratlings 110 pts

    Troops- 644
    P1HQ Junior Officer, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol + 55
    P1S1-Lascannon, Plasma Gun + 95
    P1S2 Lascannon, Plasma Gun +95
    P1S3 Heavy Bolter, Grenade Launcher + 83

    P1HQ- Junior Officer PowerWeapon + Plasma Pistol +55
    P2S1 – Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun + 80 pts
    P2S2 –Autocannon, Grenade Launcher + 88
    P2S3 – Heavy Bolter ,Grenade Launcher +83
    All vox-caster +30

    Fast Attack- Sentinal Mars Pattern-45

    Heavy Support
    2 Lemon Russ
    2 Heavy Bolters- 290

    Doctrines- 280
    Carapace Armor Both Platoons 150
    Sharpshooters- Both Platoons and support squads- 120

    Hey guys this is a 2000 pt army list designed fo fighting mostly space marines but i am going to face necrons, orks, tau, sister, etc..pretty much everything so any suggestions would be greatly appriecated

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    A couple of things:

    I like all the firepower, but in a 2000pt list I would add a Basilisk, in big games Bassies shine.

    I would give the HSO a mortar and let him lead and putter away with the Mortar. Add a Standard to the HQ, with all those HW platoons, it will come in handy. I would also recommend two cheap doctorines, Close Order Drill and Iron Discipline.

    To keep your line troops safer, I prefer Cameoline to Carapace. It is 10pts cheaper per squad and more effective IMO, unless you are fighting a lot of CC armies.

    To make your Stormies More effective I would Deepstike them, or mount them in a Chimera.

    I would outfit your Platoon HQ with Mortars as well, keep out of LOS, and pluck away.

    I'm not sure how the Single Sentinal will do, but maybe no one will bother.....

    Overall your list is quite good. You have good choices for your line squads with Heavy/Special weapons.

    Add a Lascannon to the Hardened Vets and you have a game winner. ...... Sure Deepstrike your termies!
    "A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril."
    Sir Winston Churchil

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    seems like a well rounded list... may want to not take carapace armor, it doesnt seem so great to me, all those points on only a 50% chance of saving. Id take more squads, but hell, now you get a save against those pesky bolters!
    And im also not sure about sharpshooters... Needed in heavy and special squads, but not so sure about the infantry squads.

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    I'm going to agree with the consensus that carapace armor isn't worth it (raising the base cost of a guardsman from 6 to 8, and a messy modelling requirement both suck horrendously), and I'll go one further by telling you to ditch the sharp shooters upgrade also. Re-rolling the dice only when you get a "1" and then only having a 50% chance to hit on that re-roll means that for every 12 shots fired, you'll statistically score 7 hits instead of 6. Not really worth 10 points per unit if you ask me. Ditching those two upgrades saves you 270 points which would be like 3 more infantry squads with special and heavy weapons.

    The recommendation of a Basilisk is a very good one, especially if given the indirect fire option. Bassies rock, and will frustrate your opponent to no end. Personally I'd drop the Ratling squad unless you know for sure that you're gonna have to fight several Wraith Lord and/or C'tan. They're expensive and sniper rifles suck against anything with a decent armor save. Then I'd split your Storm Trooper squad into two, add on two more meltas and deep strike, and you get some real nice anti-tank firepower. And unless you're planning on doing some infantry charges, I'd scrounge up a few points and upgrade more of your grenade launchers to plasma guns, for extra punch against marines, necrons, and others. And one final note, that all-lascannon anti-tank squad is starting the game with a sign over its head saying "Shoot the f***ing sh*t out of me!!," and your opponent will follow the sign's instructions. You might want to move a lascannon or two to a line squad and replace them in the anti-tank squad with missile launchers. A little more versatility and your opponent will hopefully be less inclined to make them his first priority in shooting.

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