OKay, here what I got: 16 Marines with bolters, 2 with plasma cannons, 1 Azreal, 2 Vet sergeants with plasma pistols and bionics (its what was on the model), and the lion helm. I'd like to know how you recommend using this current stuff in 500 points. But what I want to know is what should I go with for the next 500? This army will be themed using plasma weapons and power swords mostly, but I would like a small "hammer" unit to take on tough foes.

Here is how I usually do my 500:

2x5 marines 1 with plasma cannon.(hes one of the five) 190 points

1x5 marines 1 is sergeant with honors and a plasma pistol 100 points

1xDark Angel Captain with a power weapon, stubborn, terminator honors and a combi plasma. 110 points

Total: 500 points

I know this is horrible but its what I got, and it actually works out half the time

Here is what I WANT to do for 500:

2x 5 marines, 1 with plasma cannon. 190 points

1x 10 marines, 1 with plasam gun. 160 points

1x Dark Angels Grand Master with Stubborn, Terminator Honors, Power weapon, Storm bolter, Iron Halo, melta, frag and Krak grenades.

Total points: 498

I believe this will do nicely, but advice is welcome but please keep in mind the theme

For the next 500 I was thinking a dread(with assault cannnon after DoW its the only way to go) and ...yes I listened to Chaos here the assault squad from his qoute, I believe this is the "hammer" Im looking for with the fist and the plasma pistols it fits the theme and gives me mobility and strength. The Dread is a tactical all around good unit and since the list is theme without knowing what the next opponet might be, I think it will do nice.

any and all comments would be appreciated, if you think of a better tactical unit for me to use than the dread or assault squad please let me know

Lastly, this is supposed to be a tactical forse leaning very lightly to shooting, (as Its DA) if you ever played the rivals campaign then try and help me keep it tactical in that sense. Thanks in advance.