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    Space wolf armys

    121 Wolf Lord w/Frost blade bolt pistol belt of russ
    101 Rune Priest w/FrostBlade Bolt Pistol
    173 9xGrey Hunters w/ 7xnormal 2xpower weapons
    150 9xBlood Claws w/7xnormal 2xPower Fists
    58 Rhino w/extra armor and smoke launchers
    55 Rhino w/extra armor
    125 Predator Destructor
    218 5xLong Fangs w/ 2xmissle launcher 2xplasma cannon 1xleader normal

    205 10xGrey Hunters w/1xpower weapon 1xflamer 8xbolter ccw
    24 2xFenrisian wolvesw/lord
    14 1xBlood claw to the pack
    10 amelta gun to the grey hunters pack w/9 people

    85 Whirlwind
    80 4xscouts 1xmeltagun 1xplasmapistol meltabombs
    58 Rhino w/xtra armor smoke launchers
    24 2xwolves

    165 Ven Dread w/DCCW Plasma Cannon storm bolter
    190 10xGrey hunters w/2power fists 8xnormal

    We have an escelation(spelt wrong :unsure: ) like campaign two weeks at 1000,1250,and1500 then a 1850 tournoment with four games. All armies suggestions and such would be helpful

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