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    1000pt deathwing

    Thinking of grabing a few boxes of termies and makeing a deathwing army and was wondering what you pro thought? thanks for any replsy i get

    1000 Pts -Deathwing Space Marine

    1 Master of Sanctity @ 135 Pts
    Rosarius; Crozius Arcanum; Storm Bolter
    Terminator Armor
    Terminator Honors

    5 Terminator Assault Squad @ 288 Pts
    Count as Elites Elite; 2 Lightning Claws (x2); Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield (x3); Furious Charge; Stubborn
    1 Sergeant
    Lightning Claw (x2); Furious Charge; Stubborn

    4 Terminator Squad @ 275 Pts
    Count as Troops Troops; Storm Bolter (x2); Power Fist (x2); Chainfist (x2); Assault Cannon (x2); Stubborn
    1 Sergeant
    Power Weapon (x1); Storm Bolter; Stubborn

    4 Terminator Squad @ 300 Pts
    Count as Troops Troops; Storm Bolter (x4); Power Fist (x2); Chainfist (x2); Cyclone Missile Launcher (x2); Stubborn; Tank Hunters
    1 Sergeant
    Power Weapon (x1); Storm Bolter; Stubborn; Tank Hunters

    Total Roster Cost: 998

    HQ :13.5%
    Elite :28.9%
    Troop :57.6%
    Fast %
    Heavy %
    Model Count:17

    any suggestions? thanks in advance

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    I dont see any real problems, though Deathwing at 1000pts tend to have lesser flexibility, there are no real problems I can see though you might be advised to take more Lightning claws over Thunder Hammers in your assault squad, I bought a 5 man all TH + SS and it was the worst buy I have ever made.

    In the 2nd troops you are probably better advised to take 2 Assault cannon over Cyclones and drop tank hunter on them to take furious charge or nothing at all as furious only helps the Sgt.
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