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    ID + Master VoX ?

    Sorry im REALLY new to IG...

    If i put ID on my HQ unit and have Master vox with them, any unit with a Vox caster falls under the effect of the ID also?

    Therfore i only have to pay for the vox caster for units not ID also.

    is this a correct interpretation?


    wrong forum, can someone move this?

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    ID cannot be transferred down a vox link, simple as that. It doesn't say anywhere in the codex, but if you check the FAQ on the website, it'll say that the troops on the recieving end of the vox link, can't use the officers Iron Discipline rule.

    Its kind of like the the "does the commisars LD value get transferred down a vox link" thread that came up a while ago. The threats made by the commisar would have no effect on a trooper 500 metres away.

    For Example:

    Commisar: Soldier, report back to base or i will kill you so fast you'll think that you saw the Emperor!

    Trooper: Like to see you try mate! We're 400 metres apart and there are 25 orks between us!

    Commisar: Dammit!

    I stole this example from the aforementioned thread (Sorry in advance to the person who orginally posted it)
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