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    [1500] own chapter, friendly

    just looking for some opinions on the following: what would you change in this list?

    hq : reclusiarch with bike, term honours, frag

    elites : dreadnaught; assault cannon and extra armer.

    5 terminators; 2x assault cannon

    troops : 6 scouts; 3x sniper rifle, 1x hvy bolter

    6 tac marines; lascannon, plasma gun

    6 tac marines; lascannon, plasma gun

    fast : 4 bikes , vet sgt with power fist, +attack bike with multi melta.

    1 landspeeder with multimelta

    1 landspeeder tornado; hvy bolter and assault cannon

    hvy support : predator destructor; extra armer and hvy bolter sponsons

    6 devastators; 3x missle launcher.

    this comes in at approx 50pts short of limit so any suggestions are most welcome.....

    playing power armour opponents( CSM and other SM). not sure how well this list would work as its a bit of a departure from the assault orientated forces i normally go for, just thought i'd give shooting a go. may need more men for the dev sqd; and would like to take the fourth ML but i just dont have one!

    will be facing oblitorators so thought the two las/ plas sqds would help......

    dread and termies will be used in tandom for some three assault cannon fun!!!

    bikes and speeders to take objectives and/ or assault if i absolutly must.

    so let me know what you think.

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    and would like to take the fourth ML but i just dont have one!
    Get a HK missile launcher from a tank and use that. So bump up the devvies to 8 men w/ 4 MLs (+50 pts) and you're all set.

    I would drop the scouts entirely to
    A) give a drop pod to the dread and the Termy squad and
    give the bike squad 2 meltaguns, and if possible, add another bike.

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    Wolf Scout Meltagunner Wulfbanes's Avatar
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    Completey agreeing on the scouts,
    Scouts tend to suck against 3+ savers.
    You might get 2 kills in 6 rounds if your lucky o_O
    I would agree on the Drop Pods, Drop podding Termies a good idea, for scattering to dead issn't my idea of Termiefun. I drop my own Dread from a Drop Pod, it causes mayhem at my local club: Imperial Guards running around screaming, having to redirect most of their firesupport that would have scattered my precious assault marines. ^_^,

    Give your bikes the Melta guns, they rock, and to get the points, downgrade the bike the a Assault Cannon instead of the Multi-Melta, just a little bit worse at tank-cracking, which does not mind, you have 2 meltaguns to do that trick. But for killing those marines, that assaultcannon fits in nicely. And NEVER charge with bikes, not unless some wicked artificier-armour super marine is laeding them, and hey, we weren't discussing a bike army here :p
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