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    1500 Pt, Balanced Tourny List - Please Critique

    Here's a possible variation on the list that i've been working on the past few days, the tournament isn't until the 13th of November but I stilll need to do alot of painting so the list snhould be confirmed soon to allow me to buy the outstanding models. Of course any help you may give to finalise this list is greatly appreciated.

    Unnamed1500 Pts - IG: Doctrines Army

    0 Choose Doctrines (HQ) @ 0 Pts
    Allow StormTroopers
    Skills and Drills: Close Order Drill
    Skills and Drills: Iron Discipline
    Allow Conscripts
    Allow Rough Riders

    0 Command Platoon (HQ) @ 216 Pts

    3 Command Squad @ [106] Pts
    Mortar; Lasguns (x2); Iron Discipline

    1 Junior Officer @ [80] Pts
    Plasma Pistol; Power Weapon
    Honorifica Imperialis

    1 Veteran
    Lasgun; Standard Bearer

    6 Anti Tank Squad #1 @ [110] Pts
    Lascannon (x3); Lasguns

    0 Infantry Platoon (Troops) @ 254 Pts

    4 Command Squad @ [63] Pts
    Autocannon; Lasguns (x3); Iron Discipline

    1 Junior Officer @ [43] Pts
    Bolt Pistol; Close combat Weapon

    9 Infantry Squad @ [88] Pts
    Heavy Bolter; Lasguns; Plasma Gun; Close Order Drill

    1 Veteran Sergeant

    9 Infantry Squad @ [103] Pts
    Lascannon; Lasguns; Plasma Gun; Close Order Drill

    1 Veteran Sergeant

    9 Storm Troopers (Elites) @ 136 Pts
    Deepstrike Ability; Hellguns (x7); Meltagun (x2); Frag Grenades; Krak
    1 Storm Trooper Veteran Sergeant
    Deepstrike Ability; Close combat Weapon; HellPistol; Frag Grenades;
    Krak Grenades

    6 Hardened Veterans (Elites) @ 106 Pts
    Lascannon; Lasguns (x3); Plasma Guns (x2)
    1 Hardened Veteran Sergeant

    20 Conscripts (Troops) @ 80 Pts
    Close Order Drill

    1 Hellhound (Fast Attack) @ 115 Pts
    Inferno Cannon; Hull Heavy Bolter

    1 Hellhound (Fast Attack) @ 115 Pts
    Inferno Cannon; Hull Heavy Bolter

    1 Leman Russ Demolisher (Heavy Support) @ 185 Pts
    Demolisher Cannon; Hull Lascannon; Plasma Cannon Sponsons

    1 Leman Russ Battle Tank (Heavy Support) @ 175 Pts
    Battle Cannon; Hull Heavy Bolter; Heavy Bolter Sponsons
    Improved Comms

    9 Rough Riders (Fast Attack) @ 116 Pts
    Hunting Lances

    1 Rough Rider Veteran Sergeant @ [17] Pts
    Laspistol; Hunting Lance

    Models in Army: 87

    Total Army Cost: 1498

    The modified list includes 10 Deepstriking Meltagun Storm Troopers to harry tanks and claim objectives.
    I dropped one of the demolishers and a hardened veterans unit from the previous army I created. To make up for losing a lascannon i've added 2 plasma guns and boosted the remaining Hardened Vets squad up to seven men.

    I also took 10 Rough Riders to use as an counter charge / objective taking unit. These guys can potentially charge 24 inches. With 21 Str 5 no armour save attacks on the charge at initiative 5 they'll likely wipe out the majority of any 10 man assualt squad they assault

    I gave every officer in the fire base a surveyor to deter/destroy any player that places infiltrating troops witihn 4D6 range.

    Lastly I took a unit of conscripts, with the intention of advancing them 7 inches infront of my firebase to act as a speed bump.

    I think this list will pose alot more problems for every army in that they'll be assualted on all fronts from many different troop types. My previous list was very static and given the escalation/objective taking nature of Grand Tournament play I decided to add a bit more mobility, firstly to make the list more fun to play and secondly to give me a fighting chance of winnning a game. With my last force I found I outright destroyed almost every army I fought but only managed to draw as they took the objectives from my static troops.

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    Generally a very good list, let us know how the tourney goes for you.

    One of your squads has a Hb and Plasma, I recommend a HB and Grenade Launcher, or a ML and Plasma. I would take the second choice anyway if you can.

    You didn't show the points, so I am assuming you didn't take power weapons with your Command Squads and Stormie Vet Sgt, but for 5 pts I think they are worth it completely. I don't IMHO think the Surveyors are worth it as you will avg 12" seeing when you roll, and to be able to shoot him, you will need 18", Edit: ah what the hell they are only a couple of pts.

    I would either not take the Stormie Vet Sgt, and just make it a Suicide squad of 5, or take a vet sgt with power weapon, and make it a 10 man squad for objectives. A vet without power weapon in not worth anything IMO.

    I would give all your tanks Smoke, but especiialy the Hellhounds and Demolisher as they might not be in range the first turn.

    I prefer a Bassie w/indirect to a Hellhound, especially for a tourney.

    I hope these help.

    Last edited by Diggums Hammer; October 2nd, 2005 at 15:32.
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    Sir Winston Churchil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diggums Hammer

    I prefer a Bassie w/indirect to a Hellhound, especially for a tourney.

    I hope these help.

    i found at tourneys where they usually use smaller boards the bassy with IDF sucks... due to its min. shot range.

    i would stick with the hell hounds probably my fav tank !

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    Senior Member Bigshindig's Avatar
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    OK, Heres what i see in this list. You have a good number of tanks and too few in infanty, With this I feel you maybe missing probably the biggest reason IG wins, Numbers!. you only have 2 infantry squads. And i see you tried to bolster your numbers with conscripts, but trust me only 20 consripts wouldn't speed bump anything, let alone win over anything, I'd either make a bigger unit of these guys or find the points for more infantry squads.

    This goes kinda with the lack in numbers. are you sure you wanna use a anti-tank lascannon team? its only six guardsmen operating them, and they will die very quickly especially since any opponent with half a brain will target them. It would be better to find points for infanty squads and place the lascannons in there. I've found that anti-tank squads are only really good with missle launchers for two reasons. first, they arn't as marked by opponents as much as lascannons, and they're cheaper. just these two advantages i think out weigh the downside to being a little not as good at anit-tank as the infamous lascannon.

    about your commands. first, I'd just like to say good choice with the standard, I myself would never play IG with out one, they are worth far more than they are pointed for. I would save some points and not give your HSO a plasma or power weapon. this is only because command squads are for leading not fighting, if they get engaged in cc, they're screwed. and i just think plasma pistols are too expensive for what they do (overheat). The mortar is generally a good idea though, keep them hidden. Your second command would be better off with no heavy weapons. like i said command squads are for leading not fighting. if you really want them to have something, try another mortar, or just save points. Your vets are ok, just make sure you choose what tank you get in a fight with wisely.

    I would reduce the number of storm troopers in your squad to minimum, just cuz you can save points and they can still do the same job.

    The rough riders are ok, but you need more men in your firebase so these horsies have something to counter attack for. About the tanks. I like the hellhounds, and maybe I would go for a basilisk, just cuz it makes opponents do the stupidest things. "oh no a basalisk! I should advance my army"

    I really would'nt but those plasma cannons on the demolisher especially since blast templates are silly in 4th edition. once an opponent sees your ordincance he'll spread out and your plasma cannons will only the guy centered under the blast template.

    I hope this helps a little! I've been playing guard for almost a decade, I started in middle school. And theres no army better than the guard! let us all know how the tourney goes
    "That is the sound of inevitability"

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