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    Raven guard [1500]

    recently been thinking of switching my own chapter (severed fists) for Raven guard; easy change as they are allready in black power armer..... altough is there a transfer for the chapter symbol? as i've tryed pianting it free hand(not really happy with the reult) and i can see it being really time comsuming doing it for a whole army....

    really like Raven guard fluff and have wanted to do them for some time altough i have graet resavations about the traits mused to represant them and origionlly intended to use drop pod tac sqds and a dreadnaught but that would mean no LST/ bikes .... that last paragraph of 'flesh over steel' is a real pain.

    have considered doing a DIY chapter along sim lines but want a first founding chapter with all the recognition and background that gives.

    only reason other than fluff i can see to take raven guard is the chance to take Shrike's wing.

    could play without traits(as stated in codex) but would assume this would mean not taking Shrike?

    any way heres my first stab at a ravenguard list:

    HQ: Shrike(175)

    4x Shrike's wing (204)

    Elites: Dread, extra armer and drop pod (140)

    5x terminators, 2x assault cannon (240)

    Troops: 6 scouts, ccw, vet sgt power weapon and teleport homer

    6 scouts, 3x sniper rifle, hvy bolter

    fast attack: 3x landspeeder tornado, hvy bolter and assault cannon (240)

    10 assault marines, 2x plasma pistol, vet sgt with power fist (260)

    hvy: Predator destructor , hvy bolter sponsons, extra armer (115)

    little short of 1500, (1474 i think) and i feel i'm not making best use of the traits that are available.

    Any comments and ideas are most welcome; i'm particually interested to hear from experienced Raven guard commanders on how they use the traits and thoughts on list composition and tactics. also would be interested to know how many of you use Shrike?

    many thanks.

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    terminators aren't really that good for lightning strikes so it seems silly. Also i think you should drop them for another cc squad. that is what raven guard is all about. they have cc traits if im not mistaken they are no mercy no respite, blessed be the warriors. mostly they like to have 3 full assult squads and a few tactical marines in drop pods. and basically everything in the armylist can take furious charge.

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