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    Critique Me Battle Brothers!

    Hello to one and all. I have a campaign to prepare for and hoped you all could critique my list for the final 3000 point battle. I have a Blood Angels/Imperial Guard combo and I believe my partner will be Dark Angels. My oponent will be Tyranids and possibly Necrons, I'll have to badger my friend to find out. His brother plays Tau, but I'm not sure if he is playing. What my main concern is the Tyranid with the imfamous new codex. Please find my weaknesses and help me improve.

    This is mostly a "for fun" list:

    145 Baal Pred.; Storm bolt; Extra armor

    130 Dread; venerable; Extra armor

    135 dread; ml & LC

    65 CC Scouts(size 5)

    282 Chaplain; termie honors; bolt pistol; grail; death mask; jump pack, bionics; and of course the death company

    218 Librarian epostolary; familiar; bionics; iron halo; termie honors; jump pack, 2 psychic powers(veil of time & might of heros)

    247 Assault squad(size 10), veteran; powerfist

    100 Stormies(10)

    275 grey knights (10) ( I may replace the GK's with a techmarine for fun, what do you say?)

    95 Eversor(yes I know you need an inquisitor for an assassin but all my friends and I think that is nearly the dumbest rule GW has managed to boil up in quite some time so we ignore it and go back to the way it should be, having their own codex)

    648 x4 (size 10) Space marines squads w/ veteran sergeants

    Total: 2340

    Imperial guard part:

    85 HQ JO; honorifica; Master vox

    155 LRBT(leman russ battle tank)

    175 LRD(leman russ demolisher)

    160 platoon 1 (no heavy weapons or assault weapons)

    160 platoon 2 (")

    total: 725

    Total total: 3065

    Okay some obvious points of concern:
    Long range: my friend will take care of that and I still have enough to take care of myself if he is a dolt.
    Again this is more a for fun list, usually I'd have a missile launcher in every squad, I might still do that,(including the IG) and I'd have more troops. Unless that seems enough. :-S

    Anyhow thanks.

    BattleFleet Gothic:
    Valhallan 23rd Imperial Navy: ~2500 pts
    Blood Lord SM Fleet: ~1000 pts

    Warhammer 40,000:
    Valhallan 23rd Imperialist Guard: ~6,000 pts
    BT SM: ~2000 pts
    DA SM: ~1000 pts
    BA SM: ~1500 pts
    Tau: ~250

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    It looks good, but go ahead and scrap the grey knights for a Techmarine Also be sure NOT to include Inquisitors, Assasins or Any non or sub humans. Else the Dark Angels may pick up and leave you in the midst of combat.... seriously. just make sure in the campaign the Dark Angels have agreed to hang around with that stuff otherwise thier rules prevent them allying with you Oh and you should do fine in game you just concentrate on cc and the Dark Angels will handle the rest gl, hf and most importantly, dd
    Qui est Mortis? Lol, the rep... neggatized for something... lol that nobody payed attention too... Lol Goodbye all, BTW This is permanent goodbye so save some bandwidth mods delete this account :D :evil: :D :evil: :D

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