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    Pure SOB 1500Pts, I think it needs help!

    This is my 1500 Pt Army.


    -Blessed Weapon
    -Book of Saint Lucius
    80 Pts


    -Inferno Pistol
    -Power Weapon
    45 Pts

    Evesor Assasin

    Ttl Elites-140Pts


    Battle Sister Sqauds 1 and 2
    7x Battle Sisters
    2x Battle Sisters
    -Storm Bolters
    1x Veteran Superior
    136 Pts each= 274 Pts

    Battle Sister Squads 3 and 4
    7x Battle sisters
    1x Battle Sister
    -Heavy Flamer
    1x Battle sister
    1x Veteran Superior
    144 each=288Pts

    Total Troops=562 Pts

    Fast Attack

    Seraphim Squad
    7x Seraphim
    -Melta Bombs
    2x Seraphim
    -Twin Inferno Pistols
    -Melta Bombs
    238 Pts

    Heavy Support

    Retributor Squad
    6x Retributors
    4x Retributors with Multi-Meltas
    210 Pts

    2 Exorcists
    -Smoke Launchers
    138Pts Each=276Pts

    Ttl Heavy Support=276+238=514

    Models In army-63
    Faith Points-7
    Total Points- 1504

    I've tried to make it balanced against all enemies, but if you think I need more anti-whatever, please say.
    All constructive comments appriciated, but I would like to keep it pure SOB

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    Ok well don't know if anyone else has told you this, but welcome to the Witch Hunters forum here on LO! Now for the comments on your army list. Firstly, for your HQ PLEASE get a Cloak of St. Aspiria! The 2+ save will be very helpful! And you might wanna get a jump pack, too depending on your style of playing. Your Cannoness should be a CC monster if you do that. Now for your Inquistor, personally i'd give him the bare bones equipment (bolter + CCW) since he's there just so you can use the Eversor assassin. You could give the inquistor a psychic power and make him somewhat useful. The inferno pistol and power weapon just won't do on a lone inquistor, as he's not very powerful by himself. The eversor assassin is essentially a walking bomb, so deploy him in cover just outside of 12" away from an enemy unit. On your turn, charge in with those lovely 5-10 power weapon attacks. And if that doesnt kill the squad, hopefull the bio-meltdown can get whatever regroups and charges back. Now for your SoB squads, I noticed that you picked Storm Bolters. I would switch those with melta guns because firstly, the other sisters will generate enough bolter shots, and the meltas will help you against tanks. I'd recommend giving the VSS a bolt pistol and a power weapon in case your squad ends up in CC. I think perhaps making one or both of your extra (non-compulsory) squads of Sisters into a Celestian squad might be a good idea. They'll cost more, but you give some more variety. Plus you'll still get to use Acts of Faith in the celestian squads. Now, for Fast Attack, your selection is illegal, you need to have a Sister Superior. Go ahead and upgrade here to a VSS, that way you'll get a free Simulacrum Imperialus. Nice to see you gave everyone melta bombs! Any vehicle you faced will be reduced to molten goo after facing that. (unless of course you MISS with all those meltabombs, but that's just about impossible) Well I think that's all I have to say about Fast Attack, now for your Heavy Support. Multi-Meltas in the ret squad? NO! Unless you place them in a vehicle, that's not going to work so well. Give them Heavy Bolters, and put an Imagifier in there if you can. That way, you can use "Divine Guidance" awesomely and destroy pretty much anything that moves (all those AP1 shots!! ) Hmm...2 Exorcists. That's a little excessive for just 1500 pts, you don't need that much firepower. Keep 1 though, Exorcists are handy. I'd say use the second one only if you REALLY have to. I'd say put the points elsewhere (like a Dominion Squad or something). You've definitely got some solid ideas in this army list, they just need some tweaking. Remember that everything here is just my opinon based on my knowledge and experience, I'm not trying to laugh at you or mock your list. Do what you want to (it IS your army after all), and let me know how you do with this list! May the Emperor be with you! Show your opponent that SoB's are more than just nuns with guns, they're a force to be reckoned with!
    Exorcist Kills:
    Predator Annihilator
    Leman Russ
    5 Tactical Squad Marines
    2 Raiders

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