[1850] Palan Drop Trooper Strike Force - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1850] Palan Drop Trooper Strike Force

    Palan Drop Trooper Strike Force Army List

    -Drop Troopers
    -Light Infantry
    -Special Weapons Squads
    -Iron Discipline
    -Storm Trooper Squads

    Some statistics and a rundown of the tactics I will be using are posted after the list. Here is the list:

    Command Platoon-618
    Command Squad (All with Light Infantry)-178
    Junior Officer+Honorifica Imperialis+Power Sword+Iron Discipline
    Standard Bearer
    Master Vox
    2x Flamers
    Commissar+Power Sword
    Anti-Tank Squads (All with Light Infantry)-215
    3x Lascannon Teams
    3x Missile Launcher Teams
    Fire Support Squad (All with Light Infantry)-105
    3x Auto Cannon Teams
    Special Weapons Support Squads (All Drop Troops)-120
    Suicide Squad 1: 1x Demo Charge+1x Melta Guns
    Suicide Squad 2: 1x Demo Charge+1x Melta Guns

    Hardened Veterans-110
    Veteran Sergeant
    2x Plasma Gun Veterans (2 vets)
    Vox Caster (1 vet)
    6x Veterans
    Storm Troopers-124
    Veteran Sergeant+Power Sword
    2x Plasma Guns (2 Troopers)
    4x Troopers
    1x Vox Caster (1 Trooper)
    Storm Troopers-91
    Veteran Sergeant+Power Sword
    2x Melta Guns (2 Troopers)
    2x Troopers
    1x Vox Caster (1 Trooper)
    Deep Striking

    Infantry Platoon Sacrifice-443
    Command Squad-57 (Deep Striking)
    Junior Officer+Power Sword
    2x Flamers
    Infantry Squads-386
    2x Heavy Bolter+ Grenade Launcher+ Vox+ Light Infantry-186
    2x Remanants Squads (All Deep Striking)-102
    1x Sergeant
    1x Melta Gun
    3x Guardsmen
    1x Vox
    2x Remanants Squads (All Deep Striking)-98
    1x Sergeant
    1x Grenade Launcher
    3x Guardsmen
    1x Vox
    Infantry Platoon Suicide-464
    Command Squad-63 (Deep Striking)
    Junior Officer+Power Sword
    3x Flamers
    Infantry Squads-401
    2x Missile Launcher+ Vox+ Light Infantry-180
    2x Sniper+ Vox+ Light Infantry-160
    1x Remanants Squads (Deep Striking)-61
    1x Sergeant
    1x Grenade Launcher
    5x Guardsmen
    1x Vox

    Total: 1850pts

    Heavy Weapons:15
    -5x Missile Launchers
    -3x Lascannons
    -3x Auto Cannons
    -2x Heavy Bolters
    -2x Snipers

    Special Weapons:22
    -7x Flamers
    -6x Melta Guns
    -5x Grenade Launchers
    -4x Plasma Guns

    Special Special Weapons:2
    -2x Demo Charges

    Total Models in army: 150
    -19% @ BS 4
    -71% @ BS 3

    Slot Percents:
    HQ = 33%
    Elites = 18%
    Troops = 49%

    The stratagy and goals are based mainly off of my fluff and how I like to play this style of guard.

    The Stratagy:
    -Enemy sets up army and both sides roll to see who puts down infiltrators first (if the enemy has any to begin with)
    -Command Squad is deployed behind/in cover and out of LOS from ANY threatening enemy unit. The Command Squad must remain untouched at ALL TIMES to ensure a strong Ld 10 even when under 50%.
    -Light Infantry Units deploy in positions to maximize potential damage. Heavy Weapon Anti-Tank and fire Support Units are encouraged to remain within 12" of the Command Squad's Standard for Ld purposes.
    -During the entire game Light Infantry Units fire off as many shots possible into enemy armor and infantry. Moving is NOT suggested, but permitted if there are no enemy targets available or worth the fire power.
    -From turn 2-6 deep strikers land. Deep strikers main targets are enemy armor. Once no armor is left on the board, deep strikers main objective is to harrass enemy infantry AND capture objectives, table quarters, etc.

    Goals (In order from highest to lowest priority): Destroy/Disable ALL enemy Armor. Get ALL enemy infantry units below 50%. Capture ALL objectives, table quarters, etc. Destroy enemy HQ.

    Rip it up

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    when i saw the points i thought i was looking at a daemonhunters army by mistake :tongue: anyways... lets see

    personally vox alla round is way to expensive for my liking i think cod along with iron discipline is better but thatsd just me vox is more reliable i guess:wacko:

    you should give your vets 3 plasma guns really take advantage of their abilty for soo man special weapons. personally i love sentinals they are often overlooked by opponents but the added mobilty is good along with being able to tie up infantry which is a good thing for guard.

    hope i helped (yawn time for me to sleep)

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    Your Troops section is pretty much a mangled mess, it was hard as hell for me to read it. Please clean it up so we can give a better review. If I'm interpreting (someone get me a translator! :-p ) it correctly, it looks like you have multipe remnants squads per platoon, which you can't do. A platoon consists of a command squad, 2-5 infantry squads, and then up to one optional Remnants Squad. Just thought I'd clarify that, its about all I could make out on the list.
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    I would max out the storm troopers numbers, then use them to take and hold objectives when they deepstrike. and personally i would drop the remnant squads and put in normal squads. Switch the fire support from auto-cannons to hb, they are much better for most jobs, only worse against MEq. Don't take the melta with the demo charges, they won't get used. When the demo goes off it's gonna kill your squad about half of the time, and since I doubt you are going to use it on a vehicle the melta is worthless. If nothing else then switch it to plasma, cause the guard guy wouldn't last long anyway. Get rid of the sniper rifles in the line squads, they don't do squat. take a hb instead. If you are taking flamers with your command squads then I assume that you are trying to get close to the enemy with them, which makes vox useless since your officers could be killed at any time, drop the vox or the flamers. your list needs more plasma, MEq are a drop lists worst nightmare, and plasma helps to fix that. drop some grenade launchers, since you can't charge on hte round that you drop, you won't be using it in an assualt.

    this list is good intentioned, but it needs some help

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