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    400 point CP (mini SAFH)

    Here's a CP list that shouldn't have trouble w/the pesky Land speeders the marines always bring,but also has ways of dealing w/any horde armies.
    It follows the basic strategy of letting your infantry be anti-armour and your armour be anti-infantry.
    Also has a real Guard feel to it w/35 bodies and a vehicle

    Command squad w/3 Flamers,Surveyor
    Chimera w/Multilaser and Heavy Bolter

    3 Squads w/Missile Launcher and Plasma Gun

    400 points on the nose.

    One question,does a surveyor allow a unit's transport to take the free shot as well as the unit?

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    The list looks pretty good. I'm not a big fan of flamers, but mounted in a Chimera they should do fine. My guess on the surveyor would be no, I think the unit carried and the transport count as separate units, and thus wouldn't be applicable. However that's just my guess, I could certainly be wrong.
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