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    1750 IG doct army

    Port Maw 1750 Pts - IG: Doctrines Army

    Choose Doctrines (HQ)
    Allow Special Weapon Squads
    Regimental Organization: Grenadiers
    Regimental Organization: Drop Troops
    Skills and Drills: Die Hards

    Command Platoon (HQ) @ 341 Pts
    4 Command Squad (Heavy Bolter; Lasguns (x3); Master Vox; Die Hards; Drop Trooper)
    1 Heroic Senior Officer (Close combat Weapon, Laspistol, Carapace Armour)
    6 Special Weapons Teams #1 (Lasguns (x3); Laspistol and CCW (x1); Flamer (x2); Demolition Charge, Die Hards; Drop Trooper)
    6 Special Weapons Teams #2 (Laspistol and CCW (x4); Flamer (x2); Demolition Charge; Die Hards, Drop Trooper)
    2 Sentinels (Multi-Laser; Drop Trooper)

    7 Hardened Veterans (Elites) @ 131 Pts
    Lascannon, Shotguns (x3); Flamer (x2); Meltagun (x1), Vox Caster, Drop Trooper
    1 Hardened Veteran Sergeant (Laspistol, Power Weapon, Carapace Armour)

    Infantry Platoon (Troops) @ 273 Pts
    Command Squad
    Plasma Gun (x3); Die Hards; Drop Trooper
    1 Junior Officer (Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, Carapace Armour, Honorifica Imperialis)
    1 Veteran (Lasgun, Medic)
    9 Infantry Squad
    Flamer; Vox Caster; Drop Trooper
    Sergeant (Shotgun)
    9 Infantry Squad
    Flamer; Vox Caster; Drop Trooper
    Sergeant (Shotgun)

    7 Grenadiers @ 193 Pts
    Meltagun (x2), Vox Caster
    1 Grenadier Sergeant (CCW, HP, F, K)
    Chimera (Heavy Bolter, Hull Heavy Bolter, Smoke Launchers)

    1 Sentinel (Fast Attack) @ 120 Pts
    (Lascannon, Drop Trooper)
    1 Sentinel (Multi-Laser, Improved Comms, Drop Trooper)

    2 Sentinels (Fast Attack) @ 100 Pts
    Auto cannon; Drop Trooper

    1 Hellhound (Fast Attack) @ 115 Pts
    Inferno Cannon; Hull Heavy Bolter

    1 Leman Russ Battle Tank (Heavy Support) @ 167 Pts
    Battle Cannon; Hull Heavy Bolter; Heavy Bolter Sponsons
    Pintle Heavy Stubber

    1 Leman Russ Demolisher (Heavy Support) @ 185 Pts
    Demolisher Cannon; Hull Lascannon; Plasma Cannon Sponsons

    1 Basilisk (Heavy Support) @ 125 Pts
    Earthshaker Cannon; Hull Heavy Bolter, indirect fire option

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    take a look at your veterans, they have lascannons, meltaguns, shotguns and flamers. give them something like flamer/shotguns or lascannon melta/plasma, dont combine it.

    for the 2 sentinel squadrons, make it like this, multi laser and auto cannon, autocannon and lascannon, because again strenght 9 and 6 is not a very good combination.

    maybe get some more infantry squads, otherwise you good,
    nice list

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