Ok here is what I got so far, and yes, I have used them lots so no, I not a noob.

2 cannonesses, 1 inquisitor lord, 1 priest, 3 penitents (two of which I conveted from left over penitent engine heretics:tongue: ), one acholyte (possible speeling problem), 2 warriors (one is a crusaider, the other is a normal ex. guardsman), a familier, a sage, and a sister hospitiler, all four assassins (no death cult yet), a box of kasirkins (inquisitorial storm troopers), a box of serephim, a box of repenta, a full retributor squad (one vet. seperior,
two heavy bolters, and two multi-meltas), an immoliator, a chimera, an exorcist (awesomely painted ), two awesomely painted penitent engine , a box of sweetly painted sisters, an extra storm bolter and melta gun (from blisters), a heavy flamer sister, and 3 extra sisters for rounding out squads(from the 3 sister blister, hay, that rhymes:tongue: ), and last but most defenetly not least, my six arco-flaggelants

I will add an army list later.:yes: