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    1000 point campaign witchhunters

    HQ= [I]canoness, rosarius,powerweapon, boltpistol, litanies of faith-[B]106
    [I]10 celestians, veteran superier with power weapon,heavyflamer[B]-162

    Elites=[I]inquisitor,rosarius,power weapon, boltpistol-[B]56
    [I] 2 warriors with heavy bolters,1 acolyte,1 familiar, 2 churgeons-[B]88
    [I]vindicare assasin-[B]110

    Troops= [I] 10 battle sisters,heavy flamer,veteran superier-[B]136
    [I] 10 battle sisters,heavy flamer, veteran superior-[B]136

    Fast attack-[I]7 seraphines,2 inferno pistal armed, veteran with power weapon-[B]204

    okay first things first this is deseignd for a campaign meaning i'm looking at a month of 1000 point games with blind lists and races(meaning i don't know who i'm playing what they got or what race they are) so i've tried to cover as many bases as i could the seraphines are the tank hunters and can hold thier own in combat as well as bolster my firing line the vindicare is pure evil in any circumstances the sisters put down the the fire and the hf's because it isn't a ordo hereticus army if i'm not burning things(insert maniacle laugh) inquisiter is good in assualt and can lay down massed fire power as well(the chirgeons mean he ignores the first wound suffered in each round regardless of sorce or rules) and finaly a solid canoness and a retinue of celestians to help sisters with shooty and to help inquisiter deal with assaulty units. 6 faith points plus a free one (is that good) i know it's hard to come up with idea's without knowing the enemy but on the plus side they don't know me and with 7 people there will probably be at least 1 necrons, marines, guard and nids (arn't there always) and on the last day the surviving players will be pited in a fatal ? way with the moderater's 3000 chaos army (with special appearences from stragglers- 400 points of defeated opponents forces) everybody will be nutreal so this battle should be interesting (to ally or backstab....desicions decision)

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