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    [1500 pt] Witch hunters <new to them>

    Ok well, I have decided to start up a witch hunters list because I really like the look and feel of the army. I've spent awhile on trying to create a viable yet fluffy list to play with

    For the most part it has been pretty friggin hard since i like just about every unit in the army book.

    Anyways here is the list that is in progress right now.


    Canoness: 155pts
    --Blessed Weapon
    --Plasma Pistol
    --Cloak of St. Aspira
    --Jump Pack

    Priest: 65pts


    Inquisitor: 165pts
    --Power Weapon
    --Bolt Pistol
    --3x Crusaders
    --2x Chirurgeons
    --1x Familiar

    9x Celestians: 222pts
    --2x Flamers
    --VSS w/ Eviscerator
    Rhino Transport:
    --Extra Armor
    --Smoke Launchers


    10x Battle Sisters: 134pts
    --2x Storm Bolters

    10x Battle Sisters: 144pts
    --2x Melta Guns

    10x Inquisitorial Stormtroopers: 120pts
    2x Plasma Guns


    8x Dominions: 235pts
    --4x Melta Guns
    --VSS w/ Combi-melta
    Rhino Transport:
    --Extra Armor
    --Smoke Launchers


    Exorcist: 140pts
    --Extra Armor

    Army Cost: 1,380pts
    Models: 66
    Tanks/Transports: 3
    Faith: 7-8

    So there you have it, I have a couple questions on what I should do to finish this list though.

    1) First and foremost, I have 120 pts left to spend. I was thinking about freeing up enough points for an additional Exorcist. What do you think?
    2) The reason I have the faith points set at 7-8 is because I'm not sure if the VSS in the Celestian Squad adds another Faith point on top of the squad already being faithfull. I would appreciate anyone helping me with this question.
    3) With regards to the inquisitor, I am not sure if I should keep him as a counter assault, refurbish him and his squad for ranged combat, or drop him altogether.
    4) If I drop the Inquisitor, should I also drop the IST's?
    5) I am also thinking of getting either a temple assasin (Calidus, Eversor, etc.) or maybe getting some Death Cultists. What has everyone experiences been with these units?
    6) Any other critiques or suggestions are more than welcome.

    I want the Inquisitor because I really like the model for the WH inquisitors and I wanted to maintain a Witch Hunter army and not just a Sisters of Battle army. That is also the reason for the squad of IST's. I have them in there because fluff-wise, they would be sort of like the inquisitors personal taskforce.

    Unfortunalty I havent really found the room to add in arco-flaggelants (spelling?) or Sisters Repentia like I really wanted to. If anyone has any suggestions regarding this I would appreciate any insight.

    Thank you for your time.

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