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    1250 BT (Friendly)

    Still working my way up in points. I have a lot of other lists, but I figure I'd start with the one that comes with the army deal + a few bits:

    HQ- 430
    -EC- 125
    >Suffer not...
    -Chaplain (Reclusiarch)- 170
    >Jump Pack, Thunder Hammer, Holy Orb, Terminator Honors, leads assault squad
    -Chaplain (Reclusiarch, Grimaldus Figure)-135
    >Holy Orb, Terminator Honors, Plasma Pistol, leads Crusader Squad Uriah

    Elites: 280
    -Sword Brethren-150
    >Infiltrate, 1 LC, 1 PW with terminator honors and combat shield
    -Dreadnaught- 130
    >Lascannon, Extra Armor

    Troops: 408
    -Crusader Squad Uriah-203
    >6 BP+CCW initiates, 1 BP + PF, 1 Melta, 5 Neophytes with BP + CCW
    -Crusader Squad Cochran-205
    >8 Initiates with Bolters, 1 LC, 1 Plasma

    Fast Attack: 137
    -Assault Squad-137
    >2 BP + CCW, 2 Flamers, 1 BP + PF

    1255 pts... 5 over, but since I play friendly games I don't think anyone at my shop minds. If they do, I'll just get rid of the extra armor on the dread.

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    Venerable shooty dreadnoughts, with tankhunters TLLC/ML should be in all BT games 750 and up.
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