Major disclaimers up front!

This list is my first attempt from the extremely embryonic Alamannic Sector Codex.

It comprises a 500 point Combat Patrol based infantry force with an added 500 point armoured block.

Throughout I have tried to always use the GW point values, however the organisations can vary, in which case the individual components have been costed to comply with official values.

(Man-pack carried battle-cannons for 5 points don’t figure!)

The list owes a considerable amount to 20th century warfare and 20th century names and concepts are often referred to. However since we’re in the 41st Millenium it’s a moot point as to just whether or not words still mean the same thing.

Most importantly this is NOT a competitive or tourney list or even being suggested as such.

It is as much an exercise in finding excuses for my own take on the 40K universe, the things I would like to model and seeing how they pan out in friendly and solo games against standard 40K lists.

So what I’m hoping for is some comments as to things I may have missed and suggestions for added “fluff?.

Teutogen Guard: Kampfgruppe Koenig

Storm Assault Company

HQ Section

Major Koenig, Senior Officer, laspistol, power-sword
4 troopers carrying vox-caster, medikit, plasma-gun, melta-gun

@ 96 points

3 x Rifle Squads*

Veteran Sergeant with laspistol & CCW
11 troopers including vox-caster, grenade-launcher & autocannon team

@ 106pts each

Anti-Tank Section**

4 troopers with 2 x missile launchers, “sharpshooters?

@ 70pts

Independent Sniper (BS4)***

1 trooper with sniper rifle

@ 15pts

Total 499 points

Panzer Alert Detachment

Captain Kessler (Elites) Tank Ace (BS4)
Leman Russ Exterminator, T/L Autocannons, 3 x H/Bolters, Heavy Stubber, Extra Amour, Smoke dischargers.

@ 220pts

Armoured Grenadiers (Kasrkin)

Veteran Sergeant with hellpistol & power-sword
9 x troopers with hellguns including 1 flamer & 1 grenade launcher


Transport LRRPV Panther (BS4)****

Autocannon, H/Bolter, extra armour, pintle-mounted surveyor and smoke dischargers

@100 pts

Recce Section

1 x Sentinel with autocannon & extra armour

@ 55pts

Total 500 points

Kampfgruppe Total: 999 points

*Teutogen Rifle Squads are 12 strong (I tend to call them “Platoons? rather than squads.

**A/T Section is based on 2/3 the cost of the Battalion 3 launcher squad with sharpshooter doctrine applied before splitting. It represents the “chopping? of assets in an equal manner across the Battalion.

***Sniper is based on an independent character derived from a veteran squad trading sniper rifle for lasgun and taking light infantry and cameleoline doctrines on a pro rata basis.

****Panther stats and thinking posted elsewhere

So after all that, what do reckon – is it worth pursing the Alamannic Sector Codex?