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    Son of LO Pierced53's Avatar
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    [1500] Space Wolves - Competitive, but a little different

    Hi folks, here's my latest Wolf list. I've dropped a squad of Blood Claws, and lowered the size of the Grey Hunters (now in a Razorback, good choice!?) to make way for my Ven. Dread and the sneaky Wolf Scouts, which I'm hoping will give my opponents something to worry about that's not charging towards them in a vehicle.
    All my units are(in) vehicles except the Scouts.
    I would like to hear your views, advice, comments and feedback - it will be greatly appreciated!!



    Wolf Lord General (Goes With Blood Claw Pack 2)
    - Power Weapon
    - Bolter/Plasma Gun
    - Runic Charm
    Total Points = 115

    Rune Priest (Goes With Blood Claw Pack 1)
    - Frost Axe
    - Bolt Pistol
    - Belt of Russ
    Total Points = 126


    Venerable Dreadnought
    - Assault Cannon
    - Heavy Flamer
    - Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers
    Total Points = 173

    Wolf Scouts Pack
    - 1 Wolf Scout with Meltagun
    - 2 Wolf Scouts with Plasma Pistols and CCW’s.
    - 2 Wolf Scouts with Bolt Pistols and CCW’s.
    Total Points = 100


    Grey Hunter Pack
    - 4 Grey Hunters With Bolter & CCW
    - 2 Grey Hunters with Bolters & Power Weapons
    - Razorback with Smoke Launchers
    Total Points = 201

    Blood Claw Pack 1
    - Wolf Guard Pack Leader with Power Fist & Bolt Pistol
    - 7 Blood Claws with CCWs, Bolt Pistols & Frag Grenades
    - 1 Blood Claw with Power Fist & Bolt Pistol
    - Rhino w/ Smoke Launchers, Dozer Blade, Extra Armour
    Total Points = 235

    Blood Claw Pack 2
    - 7 Blood Claws With CCWs, Bolt Pistols & Frag Grenades
    - 1 Blood Claw With CCW and Power Weapon
    - 1 Blood Claw With CCW and Power Fist
    - Rhino w/ Smoke Launchers, Dozer Blade, Extra Armour
    Total Points = 221

    Heavy Support

    Predator Annihilator
    - Two Lascannon Sponsons
    Total Points = 145

    Leman Russ Exterminator
    - Hull Mounted Lascannon
    - Two Side Sponsons with Heavy Bolters
    Total Points = 205

    Total Points = 1521
    Total Foot Models = 31
    Total Vehicles = 6

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    Son of LO Silver Wings's Avatar
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    Wrong Forum Pierced, tut tut.

    The list looks adequte except for the Rhino's, Grey Hunters and Wolf Lord.

    Rhino's dont do any job. Other than being a suicide booth on tracks. You cant assault out of them. Your BC's arent exactly rapid fire troops and your GH's are too few.

    The wolf lord has a palsma gun, the Rhino will blow on turn 1 so he'll be walking ditch it for a bolt pistol, or cmbii melta which he can fire before assaulting.
    Do you even need him in the army?

    Nice Scouts (love the scout rule) and Venerable Dreadnought.

    I like Exterminators, Bs 4 Heavy Bolters are niice.

    The Predator will die early and with it most of your anti-tank, give your squads some melta guns and get more men.

    Hope that helped.
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    Wolf Lord JohnPublic's Avatar
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    As was mentioned, wrong forum...

    Nevermind the negative comments about the troop transports. The ven dread, pred, and LRE should provide enough targets that your troops can get to where they need to be before they take any serious fire, just make sure not to let your opponent have any clear shots at them if you can help it.

    As for the list itself, you really do need to find enough points to give both BC packs two power fists each. These "cheap" powerfists are why the BC's exist. Also would be good to make your grey hunter pack a bit larger and give them a meltagun or plasma.

    As for where to find the points to do the aforementioned I would downgrade the razorback to a rhino, swap the Annihilator's sponsons to hb, and drop the WG leader from BC pack #1. WGL's are for fitting in additional weaponry, but atm you have him in a squad who is not maxed out themselves.
    "A word to the wise is infuriating." - Hunter Thompson

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    Wolf Scout Meltagunner Wulfbanes's Avatar
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    I would also add that it is better if you turn one squad of blood claws to grey hunters.
    It helps with strenght and stuff.
    also get more numbers.
    and powerfists in blood claws.
    drop the Wolf Guard, better add another few Grey Hunters with Powerfists for better effect.
    your friends are:
    1. Numbers (which you need in a mobile force)
    2. Powerfists (we can get a load of them, maybe because we need them)
    3. efficienty:
    I'd say drop the Exterminator, you can get a better job done with a Destructor with heavy bolter sponsors extra armour and smokes. It's way cheaper. Another thing. You should know that the exterminator kills infantry. Space wolves troops KILL infantry a lot faster. Tanks in Space Wolves are to kill things that don't get killed by Space Wolf Infantry or to transport. The only exception to this is the Venerable Dreadnought, cause he owns with assault cannon, storm bolter, smoke and extra armour (might toss in a drop pod)
    why? Cause he has bs5, and 5 of his shots will hit home. All ap4, and 4 of them rending. Think THAT! And he kicks ass in CC. Tying up whole squads.

    For your scouts, I say drop 1 plasma pistol for a Powerweapon so they can swamp fire support like chocolat pancakes (dunno where that came from, but it's true nevertheless)

    I could think of a lot more,
    but I have to go,
    Getting Help = Giving Rep

    Space Wolves 5th edition:
    W13, L2, D2

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