[750 pt] Space Marine - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [750 pt] Space Marine

    Traits: Notable Divergence

    Advantages: Fierce
    No Mercy, No respite
    Take the fight to them
    Major Drawback:
    Eye to Eye

    (171)Codicier- Force weapon, psychic hood.
    Might of heros replacement
    Term honours
    Bolt pistol
    Combat Shield

    (155)Command Squad:
    1 sergeant, 1 company champion, 7 marines with Bolt pistols/ close combat weapons.

    (110)Dreadnought-Assault Cannon, Dread CCW with storm bolter.
    Extra armor

    (105)Tactical Squad 1:
    1 Sergeant bp/ccw, 1 lascannon, 4 bolter marines.

    (105)Tactical Squad 2:
    1 Sergeant bp/ccw, 1 lascannon, 4 bolter marines.

    (135)Tactical Squad 3:
    1 Sergeant bp/ccw, 8 marines bp/ccw.

    If the maths right, 751 points.

    What do you guys think?

    He's coming for you...

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    I had it come out at 781 Points (Not looking at the codex just the values you've posted, its possible you took something out and didn't update it.

    Also can Tactical Squads be equipped with a BP/CCW in fourth edition? I know back from my old codex that this didn't use to be the case (but i'm still catching up from 3rd edition )

    Looks like you'll have a nice number of heavy weapons to make the opposition go bang, and the dreadnaught will pack a close combat punch.

    The two things that jump out at me from this list would be
    1) The librarian is a lot of points for a smaller game and could have difficulty getting into combat
    2) The army will be a slow one to move forward and very easily outmanuvered by faster armies like Ork Trucks, Dark Eldar etc. It could work well if you let them come to you then unleash your Close Combat troops on them.

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