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    2000p Blood Angels list (advice plz?)

    I am starting a 40k army, Blood Angels. I am new to 40k and I was wondering if you could give me some advice on my list (Beware:my brothers are gonna start nids and necs)

    29 Marines w/ 3 Veteran Sergeant Upgrades (for better Death Company): 480p

    20 Assault Marines w/ 2 Veteran Sergeant Upgrades (fro better Death Company): 470p

    1 Predator Annihilator w/ lascannon side - sponsons (for anti-tank): 145p

    1 Land Raider Crusader: 265p

    7 Assault Terminators: 280p

    1 Sanguinary High Priest w/ terminator armor and lightning claws: 130p

    1 Chaplain w/ Jetpack: 225p

    TOTAL VALUE: 1995p

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    against nids i'd maybe use a heavy bolter or 2 in ur tactical squads, makes for good fly swattin.

    get Rid of the Pred annihilator, blood angels have baal preds.... perfect for nid killing, plenty of shots, make sure u chose heavy bolter sponsons,
    if u want to keep ur pred for necron killing i'd maybe say change the sponsons to heavy bolters so luck of the dice doesnt play with ur mind

    Love land raider crusaiders and assualt termies, but be careful cause its alot of points to lose to a few shots of hive tyrant or carnifex, they have gr8 weapons with multiple shots.

    Why the high priest in termi armour??? loads of points on 1 soon to be dead model.

    Chaplain with jetpack, see lemartes for a cheaper safer way to fly.... and more death company models to.

    Speaking from experience of nid fightin, if he doesnt have any wings on his monsters just rake him with fire, yes use ur big weapons for monster killin but dont get to fretted, just dont let them get close. Often a rhino with 10 tactical marines armed with bolters soon stops the rush of fleet of foot. not so keen to get to ur expensive troops when faced with some closer plump models soon to realise that u are in rapid fire range with ur BS4 .... not many swarms walk away from 20 shots +rhino.

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