My buddy and I are playing either a 1000 pt or 1250 pt game together this Saturday. He'll be using an Inquisitor with a full retinue, a Vindicare Assassin, Dreadnaught, IST, and Space Marine Allies.

For the 1k list, here's what I have so far from what models I actually have:

-EC- 110pts
>Abhor the Witch...
-Chaplain Reclusiarch- 155pts
>PF, Crozius, THonors, Jump Pack

-Crusader Squad Cochran- 235pts
>8 BP&CCW Initiates, 1 PF, 1Melta, 5 BP&CCW Neophytes
-Crusader Squad Landis- 144pts
>6 Bolter initiates, 1 Plasma Gun, 1 ML

Fast Attack- 245pts
>7 BP&CCW, 2 Plasma Pistols, 1PF

889pts total

I have 111 to fill in. Any ideas? Perhaps Storm Shields for my assault squad? I'm going to put a 1250 list later on, hoping to put my Sword Brethren models in. Also, I have another 12 Initiates to assemble. . Any suggestions would be Very helpful.