[2000] Imperial Guard Elite Regiment - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [2000] Imperial Guard Elite Regiment

    Dasian Assult Troopers Elite regiment: Grenadiers, Light Infantry, special weapon squads, cameleoline,

    Dasian 1001st - The Red-Piss Legion


    Heroic Captain (Autocrat Therin Bale) – 318 pts
    Chimera w. 2x Heavy Bolter, smoke launchers, meltagun, medic, mastervox, medallion crimson, macharian cross, powerweapon trademark item, refractor shield, commissar, powerfist,

    Dasian Rangers – 95 pts
    6 Guardsmen, 2 sniper rifles, demolition charge, light infantry, cameleoline

    Dasian Rangers – 95 pts
    6 Guardsmen, 2 sniper rifles, demolition charge, light infantry, cameleoline


    Dasian Veteran Rangers – 160 pts
    9 Veterans, Veteran Seargent, sniper rifle, plasmagun, vox caster, macharian cross, power weapon, light infantry, cameleoline cloaks,


    XI Assault Squad - 217 pts
    Chimera w. 2x Heavy Flamers, track guards, extra armour, 10 storm troopers, 2x Flamers, vox

    XII Assault Squad - 225 pts
    Chimera w. 2x Heavy Bolters, track guards, extra armour, 10 storm troopers, 2x meltaguns, vox

    XIII Assault Squad - 225 pts
    Chimera w. 2x Heavy Bolters, track guards, extra armour, 10 storm troopers, 2x plasmaguns, vox

    Fast Attack

    Setinell squadron X - 3 sentinells w. Lascannons 165 pts

    Heavy Support

    Leman Russ Battletank 1, lascannon, smoke launcher, searchlight, pintlemounted stubber 171 pts

    Leman Russ Battletank 2, lascannon, smoke launcher, searchlight, pintlemounted stubber 171 pts

    Thunderer Siegetank, smoke launchers, dozer blade, track guards 156 pts

    1998 pts

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    In your HQ, who has what? Could you be more specific?

    For your "rangers" (special weapon squads), while it may seem practical to give them demo charges, I'd just give them another sniper rifle. 30" in the difference of range is not good.

    For your Veteran rangers, give them all the special weapons possible. More plasma would be fine. You could make them snipers, but I would stick with the plasma.

    The only problems I can see for gameplay/tactically would be your infiltrators. If they move up too far, they have to wait for the bulk of your infantry to reinforce them.

    Another idea: take one or two squads of regular stormtroopers to infiltrate or deepstrike, as the elites of the elites. Infiltrating with your rangers would give them a lot more staying power early in the game.

    Overall, I like the theme. Hard, armoured troops as the main force, with light camouflaged "rangers" as support.
    How many guardsmen does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    None, their lasguns work fine.

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    First let me say I like the concept of your list, I like the mix of light and mechanized infantry. I really is a neat idea. I've tried a list like that in the past, and let me tell you it is extremely difficult to play.

    -Flashlights: Hellguns are so weak it is almost patheic, they do almost nothing to marines, necrons, chaos, anything with a T of 4. The 2 special weapons make up for it, but not nearly enough.

    -Accuarcy: Chimera shooting is terrible, expect very little support for the weapons. Same with the Russ's.

    -CC: Once guard get into CC its over, they do nothing to. They can take power weapons but thats all, after that there not much better than Tau. Okay +1 I and +1 WS, does that really make a difference? Really?

    -HQ: You have spent 300 pts tooling up your Command squad to make it average with a space marine squad that costs half that.

    -Special weapons squads: If you want snipers us ratlings, I know I hate how they look too, but you can field 8 ratlings for the same price. Demo charge will not come in handy unless there close.

    -Vets: Again, guard in CC is almost hopeless save the points tooling up your Vt. sgt and give them heavy weapons.

    I want you to know this is not a bad list, and I am not critizing anything you have choosen but simply pointing the faults that Guard have, and that we all have to deal with.

    Things I have found useful

    Iron Discipline: Live it, learn it, love it. Squads can rally regardless of size, and ignore below half negative modifers, FOR 5 PTS!

    My HQ looks like this, I have to say Im really happy with it.

    Junior Officer
    -Honorific Imperialis (5 pts less then an HS officer)
    -Master Vox
    -Iron Disipline

    Thats it, 95 pts. Everything with a vox has Ld 9, and benefits for Iron disipline.

    Sneaky heavy weapons squads: Give Anti-Tank squads Light infantry and they set up last. I usually give mine sharpshooters too, but camoline cloaks would just make them nasty.

    Autocannon Sentienls: Dont know what it is, but there amazing! Fantastic APC and walker hunter, use them to flank enemy tanks too. With 2 shots you have a 75% of at least hitting, S7 goes a long ways.

    Hellhounds: I have no idea why nobody uses them, they are insane. They tear up anything not in power armor, and wound marines on 2's.

    Once again I really like your list.
    Who brings a Hammerhead to a 500 point fight?!
    -Local 'Nid Player

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