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    New Space Marine Army. AngelsofAcheron

    Need Help with a New Space marine Army!!! Angels Of Acheron!!!


    G’day ,
    I could really use some help setting up my space marine army, i am new to warhammer40k as I have been given a very long holiday off work due to injury and i feel that w40k is the place to take up my time……
    I would like to create a very multi-purpose army one that will have enough fire power to stand its ground if need be and one that can infiltrate and destroy in CC.

    I have purchased a 2nd hand army off the ever reliable e-bay and with units that I have bought new in boxes, I would like to create an army for friendly competition, and hopefully tournament quality, when I become more experienced. I will aim for around 2000pts

    I have arranged my army as follows based on the Space marine codex and example army list’s that I have found on this site.

    I will list all my army/ characters that I have and will ask for what you consider good combination’s. I would also ask for suggestions on my un-assembled units as to their construction and combinations.

    All help will be greatly appreciated and all criticism will be taken in constructively.

    I am not planning on fielding all of my marines but i amm asking for help on fielding the best combination

    Marneus Calgar, gauntlets of Ultramar 185pts
    Librarian Codicier, bolt pistol and staff 100pts
    Captain in terminator Armour, Powerfist, and plasma pistol 85pts
    Unassembled Space Marine Commander In Box
    Unassembled Command Squad In Box

    Tactical Squad 1 7 marines
    Sergeant Bolt pistol, chain sword
    4 bolters
    1 bolter & Auspex
    1 Missle Launcher

    Tactical Squad 2 8 marines
    Sergeant Chain sword
    4 bolters
    1 bolter & Auspex
    2 Flamers

    Tactical Squad 3 8 marines
    Sergeant Bolter, Auspex
    5 bolters
    2 Missle launchers
    142 pts

    Tactical squad 4
    Unassembled in box

    Scout squad 1 7 scouts
    Sergeant bolt pistol, combat knife
    4 bolt pistol, combat knife
    2 sniper rifles
    101 pts

    Transport Vehicles
    Razorback, Twin-linked Lascannons 90pts
    Rhino 50pts

    I do have a Boxed Set of Grey Knights that maybe I could use to change up one of my squads maybe use one figure as a squad sergeant????

    Terminator squad 1 5 marines
    Sergeant storm bolter, power sword
    3 storm bolters, power fists
    1 heavy flamer, power fist
    200 pts

    Techmarine no servo harness or servo arms has bolt pistol I will try to get my hands on spare parts

    Assault cannon, power fist, storm bolter
    105 pts

    Veteran Squad unassembled in box

    Fast Attack
    Bike Squad 1
    3 bikes
    Twin linked bolters
    96 points

    Attack bike squad 1
    1 sergeant power fist, multi-melta
    1 heavy bolter
    130 pts
    Could these two squads be linked to form 1 squad????

    Assault Squad 1
    Unassembled in box

    Heavy Support
    Devastator Squad 1 3 marines
    1 plasma cannon
    1 Lascannon
    1 heavy bolter

    Heavy Support Vehicles
    Predator Annihilator
    Twin-linked Lascannons, sponson mounted Lascannons, smoke launchers

    Demolisher cannon, storm bolters, hunter-killer missile, search lights

    Land raider
    Twin linked heavy bolter, sponson mounted twin linked Lascannons, search light and 2 lots of smoke launchers
    250 pts

    Well that’s the lot of it; I hope it all makes sense,
    I know I’ll be asked what sort of any army I want I would prefer a Shooty army!

    Also I was thinking about my colour scheme??? Has anyone come across a chapter that is metallic red (chrome with red ink wash), with black pads???

    Also if anyone is from Sydney where can I watch and begin playing???????

    Thanks A Million

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    Alright stop your double posting and go check up on the post in the other forum, then come back here, and make a perper army.
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