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    [1500] Dh+inducted IG

    HQ: 283
    Gradnmaster- Nfw, sb -145
    3 termies- nfw/sb- 138

    Troops: (885)
    Grey knight 1- 1 justicar 7 grey knights- 225 pts
    Grey knight 2- 1 justicar 7 grey knights- 225 pts

    Junior officer- 2 guardsmen, lascannon heavy weapon team. (65)
    Inf sqd 1- srgt Las pistol/ccw, lascannon team. (85)
    Inf sqd 2- srgt Las pistol/ccw, lascannon team. (85)
    Inf sqd 3- srgt Las pistol/ccw, lascannon team. (85)
    Inf sqd 4- srgt Las pistol/ccw, lascannon team. (85)

    Fast- (250)
    Grey knight deep strike squad- 1 justicar 8 grey knights.

    Heavy- (115)
    Grey Knight Dread- assault cannon, dccw, extra armor.

    Now that SHOULD add up to be 1503 points. And if anyone really gives me a problem, I can drop the EA on the dread or something.

    The way I figure it, I have plenty of extra bodies with the guard, as well as 5 lascannons to do what my grey knights cant. Kill big things.

    I still have a..decent.. amount of grey knights. My GM and his 3 termies. 2 8 man squads deployed and a 9 man squad deep striking.

    What does everyone think?

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    He's coming for you...

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