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    Crimson Scythes close comat troops (1000)

    The armor will be scab red and red gore, the shoulder pads will be bleached bone with black trim, they will have a scythes design on their shoulder pad and i will sand off the imperial eagles and replace them with plasticard (two layers thick) scythes design (the same one as on the shoulder pads). The eyes will be snot green, the pwr weapons will be dark angels green/snot green/skull white. that's the colors and they will have scythes and swords as close combat weapons.

    Heres the army list:80
    -plasma pistol
    -pwr weapon
    (he joins command squad)
    Command Squad:145
    -standard bearer

    Termies x5:220
    -assault cannon

    Marines x10:241
    -plasma gun
    -true grit
    vet. sarge- termie honors, pwr weapon

    Marines x10:241
    -plasma gun
    vet. sarge- termie honors, pwr weapon

    Dev squad x5:115
    -missile launcher x2

    what do you think, i might drop the command squad and throw in a razorback and give the dev squad 2 lascannons and the 2nd troop squad true grit+counter attack or infiltrate but i am not sure if dropping the command squad is a good idea?

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    If you love close combat, I would suggest the following:

    no mercy, no respite, take the fight to them (furious charge, BP + CCW)

    A big assault squad conforming to Chaosbyrnn's signature, 10 man tactical squads with drop pods, and some long range stuff like Whirlwings to back it up.

    The devastator squad could use more missile launchers (make it 8 men total w/ 4 MLs).

    Umm, command squad, drop the standard bearer and apothecary, they're not going to help you much for their points cost.

    Termies should have another assault cannon.

    I would suggest replacing the plasma guns with meltaguns, as you cannot shoot Pguns and assault.


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