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Thread: [1750] turney

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    [1750] turney

    Space Marines: Codex Army


    1 Master of Sanctity @ 137 Pts
    Bolt Pistol Crozius Arcanum Rosarius
    Terminator Honours
    Jump Pack
    Frag Grenades


    1 Dreadnought @ 110 Pts
    Dread. CC Weapon;
    Storm Bolter Assault Cannon
    Extra Armour

    4 Terminator Squad @ 255 Pts
    Power Fist Storm Bolter Assault Cannon (x2) Tank Hunter Skill

    1 Sergeant
    Power Weapon; Storm Bolter Tank Hunter Skill


    7 Tactical Squad @ 218 Pts
    Bolter Meltagun

    1 Veteran Sergeant
    Bolt Pistol Power fist

    1 Rhino APC @ [58] Pts
    Storm Bolter
    Extra Armour
    Smoke Launchers

    4 Tactical Squad (Troops) @ 100 Pts
    Bolter Lascannon Plasma Gun
    1 Sergeant

    7 Tactical Squad (Troops) @ 165 Pts
    Bolter Heavy Bolter Meltagun

    1 Veteran Sergeant
    Bolt Pistol Power Fist

    7 Tactical Squad (Troops) @ 160 Pts
    Bolter Meltagun

    1 Veteran Sergeant
    Bolt Pistol Power Fist


    9 Assault Squad (Fast Attack) @ 255 Pts
    Plasma P. & CC Wep. (x1);

    1 Veteran Sergeant Bolt Pistol (x1); Power Fist (x1)


    7 Devastator Squad (Heavy Support) @ 200 Pts
    Bolter Missile Launcher (x4)

    1 Sergeant

    1 Predator 'Annihilator' @ 150 Pts
    2 Sponson Lascannon Turret Linked Lascannons
    Extra Armour

    Models in Army: 56

    Total Army Cost: 1750

    soo what do you all think??

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    I would lose the rhino and give that squad either 'see but dont be seen' trait or a drop pod.

    Also some of your melta guns in the tac squads are useless. You have no way of traversing the board so unless enemy armor drives up within 12(or hopefully 6) inches of you you wont be doing much with them. Might want to get ride of the melta guns and one Marine to get points for a lascannon. Only take 5 marines in squads armed like this because as Chaosbrynn says 5 wounds is more than enough for one heavy weapon. This could probobly drop you down enough points to give your bigger CC tac squads either drop pods or 'see but don't be seen' Also try giving your drednaught a drop pod. He will never reach CC from your Deployment zone and is way to fragile and expenspive for the guns you have him armed with. If you are looking for my anti personel buy some Land Speeders with a heavy bolter and an assault cannon.

    I suggest you read the Tactica articals that are pinned in the main Space Marine page. Mainly the Tactical squad tactica.

    Good luck.
    Last edited by Fallout; December 26th, 2005 at 17:26.

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