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    Redoing Guard.Help wanted.

    Yes, yes I know I didnt post a cost but I dont know what it is yet. In light of doing an armored company, I want to redo my guard with just infantry so I can field two Force org charts/loan one out to a friend. I intend to list what all I've got, and if anyone doesnt have anything to do, please try to write up a list using the models mentioned. Oh, a note on the Heavy weapons...all my heavy weapons are one model on a base, the loader has been included in the 30 guardsmen with lasguns, except the mortars, theyre all guardsmen on one base each, with the mortars on those rectangular bases.Oh, and on the models that are officer-ish, I am listing wargear on the model, so dont tell me "What, he cant have 2 ____s!".

    20 storm troopers-2 grenade launchers, 2 flamers

    30 guardsmen with lasguns

    9 guardsmen with shotguns

    4 flamers

    2 heavy flamers

    3 snipers

    2 melta-guns

    1 demo charge

    4 missile launchers

    3 Heavy bolters

    1 Autocannon

    2 Medics

    2 commissars

    1 Schaeffer(can be used as an officer)

    1 Kage (can be used as an officer)

    1 with plasma pistol and CCW

    1 with Powerfist, bolter, ccw (or power weapon)

    1 with 2 bolt pistols and ccw(or power weapon)

    2 with bolters

    4 with ccw and las pistol.

    6 guardsmen and 3 mortars

    Well, there she is, go for it. Originally, what I had in mind was to do a drop troop army to mop up resistance after my tanks had blown everything up, or to drop in to counter a flanking maneuver. That might still be good, but I just dont see catachan models with grav-chutes on being all that likely.Feel free to pick doctrines or whatever, but I'd still kinda like to do the whole drop troop thing.

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    How many guardsmen does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    None, their lasguns work fine.

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