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    1500 RTT Imperial Guard list

    Hello, I have been playing Black Templars and Daemonhunters for the past 3 years now and I figured it was time for a change. So I decided to do Imperial Guard. With an Upcoming tournament in a week I figured that it was time to give my new army a go.
    In the Tournament there is a 5 point give or take allowance so dispite being 2 points over my army is still legal. I am going to be facing Daemohunters, 3 Space Marine armies ( 2 vanilla with traits and blood angels), 1 eldar army, 2 tau armies and a nid army. Heh pretty much everything but orks, witch hunters and Necrons. Well this is my first list. I have written up some fluff to go along with it that explains the doctrines however since this is the army list review fourm I shall post those in the normal fourm.

    Jahxan Royal Grenadiers-1500pts


    Command Platoon - 416pts

    -Command Squad - 131pts
    -Junior Officer Javier Kri-ker w/ Honorifica, Macharian Cross, and Medallion Crimson.
    -X4 lasguns
    -X1 master vox

    -Commisar Bukarest - 40pts

    -Anti-Tank support squad - 130pts
    -X3 Lascannons

    -Fire support squad - 115pts
    -X3 Auto cannons


    -Hardend Veterans - 139pts
    -X3 Grenade Launcers
    -X1 Missile Launcher
    -X1 vox caster
    -X5 lasguns

    -Techpriest Enginseer - 85
    -X4 Tech servitors


    - Infantry Platoon 1 - 256pts
    - X2 squads w/ carapace, Grenade Launchers, missile launchers and vox
    - Junior officer w/ 4 lasguns

    - Infantry Platoon 2 - 256pts
    -X2 squads w/ carapace, Grenade Launchers, Missile Launchers, and vox
    - Junior officer w/ 4 lasguns


    - Leman Russ - 175pts
    - X3 Heavy bolters
    - pintle stubber
    - smoke launchers
    - extra Armor

    - Leman Russ - 175
    - X3 Heavy bolters
    - pintle stubber
    - smoke launchers
    - extra Armor

    Total tanks : 2
    Total models : 83

    Tactics: basicaly I infiltrate the vets, who will sit in some nice cover and get the benifit of the cloaks they can harass the enemy, destroy whole squads even with all those templates. The Infantry and tanks form a solid defence line shoot at anything that moves. The Priest is there to tend to the tanks as I will be facing eldar, and I like to keep my tanks shooting through the game. The support squads will deal with tanks, in the case of the autocannons both tanks and infantry. The russ's will deal with infantry for the most part. The Support squads have the doctrines they do because I usually deploy them in cover to keep them safe and, there are usualy crucial shots that come from them, a bit of insurance that they hit makes me sleep better at night. Drop troops are there because I had a extra doctrine slot and for free it really lends a lot of flexibility to the list.

    Thanks in advance, please tear this list apart, and tell me what I need to make it better, this after all is my first guard list

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    IMO Vox casters and Techpriests arn't worth the points, same with sharpshooters.

    This may save or use up more points: If you use carapace or camelion, you must put it on every squad that can use it. This includes Heavy weapon support squads etc. So that's going to put a big point chip in your list. Unless you take them off (I propose taking them off, and taking close order drill and iron discipline instead)

    Not sure if upgrading your officer that much is worth it either, all I use him for is a fire platform and his AOE leadership.

    I like the grenade launchers, but you need some more AP2 imo. Unless you are going for less technologically advanced fluff

    Leman Russes don't really need anything else but the required hull bolter, since you'll be firing ordance as much as possible. Smoke and Extra armour, and pintle points can be tallied up and put to something else.

    Basilisks are really good for 125 points.

    I'm fairly new as well though, so this is just my inexperienced opinion.
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    "I like to keep this handy, for close encounters."

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