I am using the blood raven chapter traits but am making my own army called the crimson eagles. Heres the list:

Commander: 90
-plasma pistol
-pwr. weapon

Assault enemy commanders or specail characters in addition to any medium to large units war walkers, dreads, sentenials etc.

Terminator Squad Aurelius (5): 220
-assault cannon

Close range DEATH move tear apart the unit with stormbolts and assault cannon and then assault and hope for massacre or at least finish them off

Tactical Squad Cassius (10) :211
vet. sargent Cassius- honors- pwr. weapon

Ifiltrate into about 18 inches of an enemy squad then rapid fire with every thing ive got and if assaulted hope for cassius to pull through it with his pwr weapon

Tactical Squad Valentinius (10) : 216
vet. sargent Velentinius- honors- pwr fist

Move in to about 18 inches of a tank or walker move blast with the melta gun and assault with the pwr fist or... rapid fire into troops

Devestator Squad Seneca (5) : 125
-2x missle launchers

Blow apart tanks and vehicles then montrous creaturs etc.

Devestator Suad Octavius (5) : 115
-2x Heavy Bolter

Closer range heavy fire support, back up for tactical squad Cassius

The overall tactic is that of blood ravens, get close hit the enemy with all the firepower ive got then try to finish off the enemy (or whats left of it) in close combat!

Please tear it apart (show no mercy )

Hope you enjoy