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    [1500] ultramarines

    I made this list for my brother, who has loads and loads of mini's (about 12000 points worth of space marines), but has only ever played 2 games...

    He asked me to make him a list to play with, and here's what I came up with. I'm not totally happy with it though, so comments are welcome.
    My brother is the static firepower kind of guy, who likes force to get things done. Close-combat is a 'preferably not', but I took the liberty of adding in the assult squad for counter-charge and annoying units.

    Master of Sanctity chaplain 137
    Terminator Honours
    Jump pack
    Bolt pistol
    Frag grenades

    Terminator squad (5) 270
    2x assult cannon
    drop pod

    Dreadnought 173
    Tank hunters
    Twin-linked lascannon
    Missile launcher
    Extra Armor
    Smoke launchers

    Tactical Squad (5) 90

    Tactical Squad (5) 90

    Tactical Squad (6) 120
    Plasma cannon
    Plasma gun

    Fast Attack
    Assult squad (10) 260
    2x plasma pistol
    Veteran sergeant
    Power fist

    Land Speeder Tornado 80

    Land Speeder Tornado 80

    Heavy Support
    Devastator Squad (8 ) 200
    4x missile launcher 80

    Total: 1500

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